I'm sure you've seen the pop-up ads from time to time, "Test your IQ for free". Curiosity got the better of me one day, so I clicked on the ad and took the test. Surprisingly, the results indicated my intelligence was well above average. However, after the following conversation with a co-worker I highly doubt the veracity of the test.

"What happened?" I asked Roger as he sat down in the waiting room of my office. "Did you lose Kyle?"

"No. I had to drop him off at Wal-Mart because they were finished putting his tires on."

"I thought he had that done last week?"

"Yeah, but they put them on wrong, so he had to take the truck back."

Confusion set in. I thought, Isn't there only one way to put tires on?

Reading my thoughts through the expression on my face, Roger sighed, obviously thinking if I'd been a man no further explanation would be needed. But, speaking to me now as if I were a child, he kindly elaborated, "When they put the tires on the white lettering was showing on the outside and Kyle didn't want that. So, he took the truck back for them to turn the tires around so the lettering would be on the inside."

Bewilderment now flooded me and the question just came pouring out.

"You mean they can turn the tires inside out?"

Author's note: Names have been changed to protect my ignorance.