Leave Me Alone
by xInSaNexBlOoDyxPrInCeSs

Why are they like that?
People, I mean.
They're everywhere
Can't stay out of my business
Want to know everything
Don't care about anything
But they want to know

And if you do tell them
What do they do?
They go around and around
Spreading rumors
Like busybees
Until it finally gets to the person...
Who you didn't want to tell

And when you see that person
It's a little awkward, now
It's because of all those people
Those little, gossipy people
Who ruined everything
For you

Leave me alone
Let me be
Let me have my secrets
My conspiracies
Let me think on my own
And love without thinking
Leave me alone
And give me some peace

This is a poem to kind of release my frustrations. I just watched something a bit disturbing...funny how when everyone realizes that someone likes someone, and they all mill about, determined to find out. Sighs I've watched relationships be ruined that way. Boy...