Her Dream, Her Fantasy

She looked at her self in the mirror and her own reflection surprised her a little. When she first saw the dress this morning, she frowned and thought she would look alienated. She was wrong. It is a black knee length dress that perfectly outlined every single curve of her body. Even though the dress is pure black, it didn't made her look unapproachable nor independent at all. The low cut at the back added a little flare to her that made her look attractive if not sexy and hot. After adding some finishing touched on her face, she smiled and she was happy with her own reflection. She may not be the most beautiful girl and shine the whole room tonight but she would not be the ugliest either. She grabbed her purse and took a deep breath before she opened the door. Her heart was pounding hard. She couldn't wait for him to see her but at the same time, she was afraid of disappointing him. She wanted him to be happy and proud of having a her in his arm for the rest of the night.

She walked downstairs, step by step, taking her time and he was already there, waiting at the bottom of the stairs. She was blown away as she saw him. The white shirt, black tux looked perfect on him, as if they were part him. He was not only handsome; but most importantly, there was a sense of danger in him that she allured and tempted her. He took her hand, pulled her into his arms as he placed his hand on her bare back and kissed her lightly on her lips

"You are perfect." He broke that silence and stared into her eyes. He was happy that she finally came over; he was glad that he picked out that perfect dress; he was shock how beautiful she looked in that dress; yet at the same time, he felt stupid of bringing her to his prom. He wanted to bring her to somewhere else. He didn't want to let go of her.

"Thank you, you are too." She whispered into his ears.

He took a deep breath and let go of her, knowing that they were already running late. They walked toward his black toyota camry. He opened the door for her and offered her a hand. She lightly placed her hand on his and took the passenger's seat. He closed the door gently and walked to the other side. On their way there, there were times when he wanted to turn the wheels around and go somewhere else. Even though he really wanted to show her off in front of his friend, not now, not at this moment.

He finally parked his car in front of a five star hotel. He walked to her side and guided her out. Naturally, she slid her left arm into his left. As they entered the room, some of his friends noticed them and they greeted each other, complimented each other. He smiled and laughed. In her heart, she took a picture of every moment of his expression because after tonight, after this week, those would be the only memories that she has of him and they would remain there. They would have their special place in her heart, forever. Even though she was out of their conversation, she was happy to be there with him, to be in his arms, to be his partner, his date, his girlfriend. Finally, his friends left them and joined their partners at the dance floor. He turn around, offered his hands and asked: "May I have the honour to have this dance with you, my lady?" She smiled, stood up and placed her hands on his. "Yes, I would love to."

They walked over to the dance floor and he placed his arms on her bare back. Their bodies moved along with the music and no words were spoken between. Every movement they make expressed their love toward each other. Heat and desire slowly rise between them as the dance continued. He kissed her several times while they are together but the kisses went deeper and stronger. As if they were claims of his burning desire and undying love toward her. Nothing matters anymore. No clocking ticking, no other people, no parents, no cell phone ringing, only them on the dance floor. The world had stopped for them, to give them time to cherish each other. He kissed her again, harder, deeper and his lips moved form her lips down to her neck, outlining every inch of her bare skin. Her soft skin and her unique smell stimulated every single cell of his body. His arm pulled her closer, pressed her harder against his body, letting her feel his heat. He let go of his lips and stared deep into her eyes. There he saw the same fire that was burning inside of him. "Do you want to go home?" He asked, trying to use a normal voice. She nodded.

He floored the gas on their way back. He wanted to go back home as soon as possible even though he knew it was both dangerous and bad for his precious car but that was a risk he was willing to take. As much as she wanted to stop his action, she didn't. She didn't bother and didn't want to. She wanted to see objects flying by her eyes; she wanted to let the wind wash away all her worries and thoughts; she wanted to be carefree for tonight.

He parked his car in his garage and picked her up in his arms. She naturally wrapped her arms around his neck and tilt her head toward his chest. The warmth of his body wrapped around her, giving her a sense of protection. He walked upstairs, directly into his room and closed the door behind. He sat down on his bed, put on her on his laps and pressed his lips against hers with tender and care but soon the kiss was taken over by their hunger and burning desire. As his glide over every single inch of her skin, she burned for him, craving for his caress and love. Her hands played with his shirt, unbuttoning each one slowly, taking her time. She dropped his shirt on the floor as her hands teasing his body, his hunger, his desire. Their love and passion for each other surrounded them as shine under the moonlight. That night may be the only night they can hold on to each other, but it belong to them forever.

She opened her eyes and there he was right in of her, sleeping soundly. She stared at him, memorizing every single part, every indent, every unique feature. She wanted to keep him, if not the person, but his image. She gave him a light kiss on his forehead and smiled. Quietly, she got off the bed and grabbed one of his over sized T-shirt to cover her bare body, trying not to wake him up from his lovely dream,. She stared out the window and drifted into her own thoughts and world. She didn't know what was in her mind or what she was exactly thinking about. Maybe she just like to stand their, motionlessly. She didn't know how long she had been standing there until she felt he hugged her from the back, pulling her toward his chest, giving her a sense of support. She leaned back and stared deep into his eyes. "I love you." He whispered into her ears along with raining kisses. That moment, that split second, everything was perfect and complete. If this were a dream, she would never wanted to wake up.

A/N: This piece of writing is originated from an answer I gave to my friend. There is no beginning, no ending to this writing. It is only her dream, her fantasy, something she wants but will never come true no matter how hard she tried and believes. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it as it is. Please R&R. Thank you for you time.