A/N: The dash (-) signals a stanza break because I could find no other way to do that. If you know of a way, let me know. Thanks!

"Arboreal Atrophy"

Little termites quickly

gnaw at the tree

which once stood

proud and strong.

So, it has come down to this.

This tearing apart

of things once held dear.

Some things don't work out

and that cannot be changed.

The past is the past

and you cannot go back.

The damage has been done.

But push the termites farther

and the tree will surely die.

Then nothing will be left

except anger

and pain.

The leaves,

now brown,

are already crumbling

under the merest touch.

Sometimes it is best

just to let go.

Some things must end

in order for new things

to begin.

So, let it go

and move on.

Bigger and better things

await you...

other trees

who would live

to grow taller and stronger.

There are those

who would stand behind you,

and those who would not.

You know who they are.

Choose only those

who would choose to support you.

Open your eyes

for there is a new seedling

that patiently awaits

your passionate touch.