A/N: The dash (-) signals a stanza break because I could find no other way to do that. If you know of a way, let me know. Thanks!

"Best Friends"

My mind wanders from my pen and paper

as I watch you doing your own homework.

The couch is stained from years of use

in this dormitory lounge

and the TV likes to flicker now and then

from a very bad cable cord not yet fixed.

Even so, here we sit,

diligently trying to get our work done.

You look up at me,

and we laugh for awhile over nothing

before reluctantly looking back at our notebooks.

My brown hair falls into my face.

Writing this poem for class is not easy

but having you here to lighten up the room

makes the words just seem to flow

from my pen onto the paper.

They could have said no.

They didn't have to accept me

Or I might not have chosen this school

above all the others.

These thoughts alone,

scare me.

I can't imagine life anywhere else

without you.

You wouldn't be there with me,

by my side.

I'd be alone.


I can only see myself alone

if I hadn't set foot here.

If I hadn't accepted their offer

I wouldn't have met you.

Never would we have become best friends.

If I'd gone somewhere else,

had never met you,

things would be different

and I'd be writing this poem

for someone else.

But I don't want to think about that.

Not being able to know you

scares me, and I don't know why.

Never could I have met

a more wonderful friend than you.

You've always been there for me

giving me a body to hug when I needed it,

letting me sleep over

when my roommate's boyfriend was visiting.

You were there that time

I blacked out on the massage table,

taking me to the infirmary

to make sure I was OK.

And if it wasn't for you and your car

how would I have gotten my new TV home?

How would I have gone food shopping

these past three years?

You've done so much for me

I can't list everything!

Just being able to know you,

just seeing your face,

is a comfort to me like no other.

But, above all that,

You've been the best friend

I couldn't even have dared hope to find!