Just a Thought

She sat in front of her window with her eyes shut, listening to the sound of the rain. Her past played itself in front of her eyes, reminding her everything she did and every mistake she made. She finally realized one thing that was in common. She never learned to stop make the same mistake; she never learned to stop walking on the rocky path no matter how many times she fall and hurt herself; she never learned anything from the things she paid. She knew clearly that she would never learn anyway. Even though the people involved may change, the story itself would never change, the ending would always be the same. She felt as she if she had no choice but to continue down this rocky path. Maybe this was her life as a result of her own character and personality. Maybe she had choice of being someone else, maybe she had changed a lot over the years but deep inside nothing had changed. She was still who she was. She was still the girl who kept on making the same mistake for the same reason; she was still the girl who chose to walk down this path and fall every so often; she was still the girl who thought the path was going to end but it never did; she was still the girl who looked for challenges yet lost to them every single time...

She wanted to stop, remain where she was; however, time wouldn't allow her. She had to move on. She had to keep walking and continue her journey. No matter what, life goes on. No matter how painful it was to continue, no matter how much she wanted to stop and take a break, time wouldn't wait for her. Time may heal her but it would never stop for her. Maybe if she could let go of everything, her life would be easier. Maybe it was her who trapped herself inside.. maybe.. maybe.. But she couldn't forget the pain and the fear. She couldn't smile and kept on walking as if nothing happened and nothing would happen. Maybe it was time for her to close herself up again, just like years ago, blocking everything outside of her and be an ice cube. Only that way, she would be safe.. or would she? She didn't know anymore. Nevertheless, she knew she had to continue regardless of the present and the future. It didn't matter how painful it was for her to take an extra step; how much she wanted to sit aside and take a break. Because this was her life and no one would help her aside herself. She had to move on one way or the other.

A/N: I really don't know what caused me to write this piece. It just came to me. I hope you enjoy it.. even though I highly doubt you will. but oh well. R&R plz. Thank you.