It is the year 3079 and the human race no longer lives on Earth. Since Earth was officially dubbed unsafe for living about 200 years ago. Now they reside on a planet strangely resembling a lot to Earth, now named Paradise. Many wonder why they called the planet this, as it was far from paradise. The planet was much larger which made the gravity working towards the center of the planet much stronger than that of Earth's. The hours of darkness last from 16 to 18 hours at one time. Making the daylight hours only from 6 to 8 hours at a time. Many of the creatures were very dangerous for the new settlers but within time they grew used to eachother. Only a few animals from Earth exist on this planet, as well as many that resemble other animals. But what is strange that the newborn babies seem to have a bond with one of the creatures. The creatures that grow with the childeren and protect them have been dubbed "Familiars." Now after 200 years the humans have been working well with their familiars, and once again humans have made huge metropolises around the planet. But by the looks of it, humans are on the same destructive path they found themeselves on Earth.

News went out one early December morning. The daughter of one of the richest and most pwoerful families had been kidnapped for ransom. A whole month passed by and no onedid anything aboutthe poor girl. Only four years old. The family didn't seem to care fortheir daughter and refused to pay the ransom, but also never even tried to get their daughter back. The couple had been hardened by money and power. Nobody knew what happened to that poor girl, as she slowly faded away as if she never existed.

On a late January evening a man, hugged his coat around his body tightly to keephimselfwarm from the cold. His familiar, a small cat/squirrel like creature known as a Ferrel snugged into his coat against his chest. On his way home he passed the aley where the trash was piled up around a dumpster. But soon he felt his familiar move around and started giving a screech/squeek like sound.

"Hum?" He opened his coat enough to look at the little creature.

"What's up Kita?" He said as the Ferrel jumped from his coat and skittered over to the pile of trash bags. Kita run over and started to try digging into the bags, then ran around in a small swift circle while squeaking again. The man walked over and began pulling the trashbags up and tossing them to the side, one by one. Soon enough, somwhere near the bottom of the pile, lay a little girl the age of 4 or five years.

Her wrists were bound behind her back and her legs were also bound together. Her body was covered in bruises and cuts. A cloth was tied tightly around her mouth and her hair was full of grease and dirt. Her skin was pale, and ice cold to the touch. Her clothes were nothing more than blood stained rags that weren't at all suited to protect a child this small from the cold. Tied to her back was what seemed to be her familiar. One of the rare Phoenix-birds, that seemed to still be quite young. It's feathers were tattered and the poor thing also had some injuries. The young man gasped a bit, seeing this horrible site. He bent down and pulled out his pocket knife, and began cutting the bonds between the girl and her familiar.

Almost as soon as he cut the rope the little bird's eyes shot open and it began thrashing its head around. The man attempted at calming the little creature, but Kita seem to do a lot better of a job keeping the young one calm. Quickly the young man cut the ropes on both the girl and her familiar.

"If her familiar is still alive meaning she still is." He said to Kita as he lifted the girl up into his large coat and carefully tucked her away the best he could. The Phoenix-bird, since it was just small enough, clung to his shoulder and Kita zipped into the coat with the girl. The bird seemed to fall asleep as the man cotinued on the path he was heading earlier.

When he finally got to his house he carefully lay her down on his bed, setting the phoenix-bird carefully next to looked at the girl and noticed that there were strange markings on her body. Soon enough the girl became a resident of his home. But no before explaning to her what had happened and giving her a new name.

He watched as she grew older, and within only a few short years her emotions seemed to almost dried up. And as her emotions left her a strange ability appeared from her. Nobody anywhere held this same strane ability, or really any special power like that was thought to have been lost on the old world. And or something this modern... It was strange. And the man being a scientist couldn't even figure this out. Instead of trying to unlock the secrets he taught the girl how to control her abilities and then also noticed that she held amazing information that not many people knew.

He knew she was going to grow up to do great things. And raised her for years to come.