Dreams Untold

You stare at the ground
Your thoughts are screaming loud
Wishing only the worst for you
Sometimes you believe it's true
You look at yourself and don't really see
The beauty that's just in a dream
A dream that walks day and night
Where there's no way to be wrong or right

Turn right at the second door
Hopefully you'll find what you're looking for
Searching for what you never kept
Wondering if there's anything left
You find yourself but didn't really see
The wonder that's just in a dream
A dream that never seemed real
Something you wish that you could feel

Long forgotten on the old dirt road
Something that you've never been told
Easily forgotten and all pushed aside
Washed away by the ocean's tide
Look deep in yourself and you'll surely see
The wonder and beauty that wants to be free
Just let it go, and don't worry about the world
Someday soon, they might be uncurled
And you see as you truly are
I know that you will go far
When you get past all of your sorrow
I know you will, maybe tomorrow

Dreams that made sense for the first time
Even if nothing else rhymed
Wishes that weren't supposed to come true
But when they did, they did for you