His father's ship was there when he arrived so he docked to it.

"Hi, Roger." father said as he entered.

"Hi I'm surprised to see you here."

"Well I had to detour to get some cargo." He said stepping aside so he could see Wendy waiting for him.

He started forward to grab her then tried to stop all he succeeded in doing was launching himself in her direction. To the amusement of his father and the giggles of the twins he crashed into her and knocked them both into a wall. He quickly oriented them to the Velcro floor and stood facing her.

"Wendy has been our guest for a few days waiting for you." His mother said. Covering the time while he accomplished all this.

"Hi." Roger said looking only at Wendy.

"Roger is that your download." His mother asked pointing at his hand.

"Yes, and the course chip."

"Good I'll take them." His father said, adding, "Her bags are in your room why don't you go stow them on board."

"Right, I'll do that." Roger answered in a daze.

"Good and while your busy Wendy and I will get the other supplies at the hatch for you."

Roger loaded his ship quickly and then his mother insisted that everyone have dinner before Roger and Wendy left.

Roger kissed his mother and the twins goodbye then headed for his ship.

"The shape that boy's in I hope you didn't send him anyplace difficult." His father said.

" Not just a re-flight of one of you old one's I wanted to recheck. The should be gone about two weeks." Donna replied.

"Two weeks... They will either be ready to kill each other or get married."

"That's what Barbara and I both thought."

On board the ship Roger checked the dogging on the hatch then turned to find a body right behind him. Embracing Wendy Roger kissed her then said. "Buckle up I'm going to check the firing times on the chip then take off."

"But I missed you."

"I missed you too but if we wait too long here pop might come out to check out why we haven't left."

"Good point let's go."

Later as both their jumpsuits floated near the air recycler. Roger asked, "Have I offended you this time."

"Not at all." she said tracing her fingers around his bare chest. "But I think we'd better eat some food. I noticed you barely touched the dinner your mother made. And I want you to keep up your strength."

The end for now.

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