A/N: Ok this is kind of an original. I did borrow my beta Lupin's story and expanded it to my liking. But I did warn her if she didn't do it herself I was going to do it for her. I did ask her some questions to help me fill it out though. So in a way it's a joint project. So lay off if you say I'm stealing. You might want to read the original before you read my version, because I have made a few large changes. Including the names.

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Lareina Santiago dumped her books on the dirty bed, muttering to herself. Walking to her window, she opened it, letting a fresh breeze blow through, airing out the room a little. The room, admittedly, needed a little cleaning up, and what had occurred in it last night did nothing to help. She could almost still feel the harsh caresses her stepfather had bestowed upon her lithe body. It wasn't something she had really wanted to happen, but at least he wasn't her biological father, and she had grown used to it. He wouldn't go as far as to rape her, and for that she was thankful.

Mumbling obscenities, she began to pick up a few items here-and-there, stowing a few of her tattered books in a corner, and piling various items of her dirtier clothes in another corner to wait for washing day.

Sighing, Lareina fell onto her bed and started to read her current book. The book was a little sketchy on the plot, but if you could manage to get a good grasp on it, the book actually quite good. From what she could catch it was a rather randy love story between a witch and Wizard. But it was over shadowed by a war between two kingdoms. And they just happened to be on opposite sides.

She barely noticed when the outside sounds seemed to grow dim, as she often did when she read. Nor did she notice when there were no more breezes coming through the window, and it seemed as if time itself had stopped. She was wrapped up in her own little world, and little could penetrate the force field she had formed around herself.

Lareina did notice the man who walked into her room and sat down on her bed, though. Her eyes widened in surprise, though he seemed to mean no harm. He looked to be a little older than her, and was staring at her as if he had never seen a woman in his life.

Lareina cleared her throat and asked in a nervous voice, "May I help you with something, sir?"

He smirked a little, and stared loftily toward the ceiling. "Well, you could. I don't know if you would really want to, though. I could use a hand, if you catch my drift."

Lareina looked sceptically at the young man on her bed. This had to be a figment of her imagination. She must have gotten carried away in her reading or some nonsense like that.

"No, I don't think I'm a figment of your imagination. I'm really real, you know? I do have certain abilities, though."

"What? How'd you know what I was thinking?"

The man tapped his head with a grin. "One of my abilities, you see?"

Quickly trying to tame her jumbled thoughts, Lareina asked, "How did you get your abilities?"

"Comes with the trade, you know? Being a vampire ain't too easy, so we got to get some special powers and all."

Now Lareina was seriously confused. Vampire? They really did exist? Sure, she had always dreamt of becoming one. It had been on of her dreams, being a child of the night and all. But coming face-to-face with a vampire? It couldn't be happening. It was just too good.

"Oh, I'm real, you know. And yow know what else? We share the mental bond."

"Mental bond?" Lareina asked stupidly.

"Yah, the mental bond. We're Connected, you could say."


"Must I say this to you in English? We're to be mates, you nitwit."

"Mates?" Lareina asked, gulping as the words descended into her head. "Mates?"

"Do ye not know what that means?" He said, lapsing into his birth accent of Irish.

"I know what it means and all. It's just, well, sudden."

"I guess you'd be surprised if I mentioned you being a vampire, wouldn't you?"

"Yeah, I would be a bit surprised." She stared at the stranger on her bed that claimed things that couldn't be possible. "I can't be, nothing adds up."

Grinning, the young man nicked his finger with a convenient fang, and suddenly jammed his finger into Lareina's mouth.

A muffled 'oh!' was all the girl could manage, before the strangest sensation came through her. Suddenly, she became hypersensitive to everything around her; the abnormal silence, the strange bridge that seemed to connect her to the man, the scent of arousal in the air ... everything.

"Eh, that isn't really helping my problem," the man mumbled to himself as Lareina sucked on his finger.

When the finger was removed from its warm wet surroundings Lareina gave a short sigh. "I still don't feel the blood lust they talk of."

"Stories. If the blood lust was real your stepfather would have been dead long ago for what he did to you."

So he knew about that? And where was he when it was happening?

"Darling, don't think so loud. I'm sitting right beside you."

"Well if you heard what I asked why don't you answer?"

"Good question." He looked into her blue eyes that seem to hold him like a snake held a mouse. "I wish I had an answer for you. But I don't." He hung his head allowing his red hair to fall, covering his face.

Lareina rather liked this angle of him. It made him look innocent. She reached up to brush her hand over his pale cheek. She didn't know why she did; all she knew was that it had felt right.

His hand came up to hold hers, and the feel of his hand sent a tremor coursing through her. What was wrong with her? She had never seen him before; she didn't even know his name. But somehow, deep inside, she didn't care.

He shifted her hand so that he could kiss the palm. "I have been watching you for some time, praying and hoping that you would notice me. But alas you have not, so I took a more direct approach."

The man allowed her hand drop and leaned in to kiss her. His warm lips where a shock to her. Warm? Since when where the undead warm?

"My name is Rian. Rian Connor the first. Come with me, my lady, and I will show you a world you never even dreamed of."

"But it's almost noon." Shock spread across her face.

"Stories again darling. We don't like the sun, but we can stay in its rays for an hour or so before it starts to hurt. And it's not usually fatal.

"You don't have to worry. Now that you know who you are and that I love you, I won't let you get hurt ever again."

He stood and held out his hand to her. She was a little scared to take it, to go with him. He had declared that he had been stalking her, and it was clear she knew nothing of him or the world he came from.

To her amazement, her hand drifted up to lay in his, and she was soon standing very close to him.

"This is going to harder then I thought." He mumbled to himself. She didn't think she was meant to hear that. "Well off we go then." He led them out of her room down the stairs, ducking the low ceiling stucco at the bottom, circled around the kitchen and left by the side door.

There, in her drive way was something she had never believed she would ever have the pleasure of riding in, a black stretched limousine. A man in black waited by the back door holding it open.

"Will his grace be traveling anywhere else today?" the man asked. Lareina was shock again at the title. O'Connor was a common enough Irish surname and she had thought nothing of it. It was then that she noticed that he was wearing a rather expensive looking tailored suit. How had she missed that?

'Oh shit he's a king!' She screamed at herself.

"Prince actually. They never did crown me king." He let the news of his title sink in while he helped her into the car. "Mathew, I do believe a trip to Shelly's is in order. Please call to her inform her that we will be stopping by shortly."

"Yes sir." Rian nodded before getting into the car.