The Temper

The sun sits sullenly shining among the other, lesser stars

Leaning her rounded chin on a heated palm

Counting the minutes until she can set

And go hang out with the vivacious North Star

The only semi-sociable one of the bunch

The only one who wasn't just full of hot air

Who wasn't concerned with how sparkly her twinkle was

Or if she was the most recorded among the star charts

Scattered about the azure, olive planet

Instead she put her fantastic humor to the test

Wondering which of her neighbors would run out of gas

Which would end her life cycle by burning too hot, too quickly

In an attempt to attract the attention of the rather striking star

One galaxy over

Zaniah, the North Star gambled

She will be the first to go

Zaniah doesn't realize the effect her actions have on the planets

She will fizzle out because of her ignorance

The sun smiled and then cursed when she realized

That the turn of her lips brought the dawn

Back to work

Don't forget the popcorn, the North Star reminded

We have to watch Zaniah burn herself cold

With a healthy glare thrown over her scarlet shoulder

The sun dried up another lake with her carelessness