"So, Alex, your new film comes out this week, A Frenzied Romance, what exactly is it about?"

"What it says in the title really." The dark haired, tanned actor let out a small chuckle before continuing. "It's basically your teenage romantic comedy, with bits of everything thrown in. You've got misery, unhappiness and then you've got love and humour stuffed in there. It focuses around two main characters, Jake, me obviously, and Anita, played by the very lovely Samantha Dawson. Our two characters grow up together, and they end up getting together when they're teenagers but not before a few bits of unhappiness are stirred in and then they get split up when my character gets shipped off to boarding school, after he gets into trouble with the police. And I think that's all I'm allowed to say. You'll have to watch it."

The grey haired presenter threw back his head and laughed, his slightly off white teeth showing.

"Don't worry, I will be. I got invited to the premier so I'm not going to be turning down a free night at the movies, am I?"

Alex chuckled, as he ran his fingers through his loose locks.

"Ah good. I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy it."

"From what I've heard it sounds very enjoyable, and not just to me. Apparently, this will be THE film of 2006. How do you feel about this?"

"Well, I don't know really. I mean, it's always nice to know that your film is topped to be one of the big sellers."

"I bet it is. How do you cope with all the attention, media and girls?"

"The latter is much better, I assure -"

The television screen went black. Taylor McConnell set the remote back down onto the coffee table, ignoring the fact she was being glared at by her roommate, Natalie.

"Hey, I was watching that!"

"Well, now you're not. I can't stand him." Taylor reached forwards and picked up a magazine that was perched on the edge of the mahogany coffee table. She began to flick through it quickly. "Eurgh. He's everywhere." She held open the glossy double pages on which his handsome definitive face smiled out at them.

Natalie stared at it dreamily, a slight smile spreading across her face.

"Oooh, I don't think I've read that interview yet. Give it me!"

Taylor rolled her pale grey eyes, shaking her head condescendingly. She threw the magazine at her.

"How can you even like him? He's so arrogant and up his own arse. Thinks he's better than everyone else."

"Tay, that's because he is. I think I'd be up my own arse if I was worth several billion." Natalie replied, not looking up from the magazine article. Her eyes lit up. "Oooh he's finished with Kimberly! Yay!"

"I could have told you that ages ago. I get to know these things being a reporter. And, anyway, what's so great about him, even if he is worth millions?" She delicately picked up her coffee mug and took a sip.

"Look at him!" Natalie span the magazine around so that Taylor could see the article. She couldn't deny it, he was good looking. He was the clichéd dark and handsome dream man that every woman desired. In the photograph, he was wearing a white suit with a silky black tie, his hair slicked back with gel and his piercing blue eyes shone out at her. Light amounts of stubble smothered his chiselled jaw line, giving him an edge. "Now that, my friend, is what you call sexy."

"Nah." Taylor dismissed him with a wave of her hand. She smiled. "Give me George Clooney any day."

"But he's old!"

"Yet hot."

"You know, I'll never understand your taste in men."

"Well, he was lovely when I interviewed him. And as for his accent…oh lord." Taylor smiled lop sidedly.

It was Natalie's turn to roll her eyes and shake her head. "Whatever lights your candle, Tay, but just do me a favour and stay away from any care homes should you decide you need a non-famous old boyfriend."

"Oh, shut up." Taylor giggled as she pulled herself up out of the chair. "Well, I'm gonna get to bed. I've got to be at work early tomorrow. Night."

"Night, Tay." Natalie smiled as she watched her best friend walk over to the door and out into the corridor of the flat. She snuggled down into the chair as she turned the television back on, in an attempt to catch the last of the interview with Alex Crewe.