Ok, I know this isn't Evan but I couldn't sleep until I wrote this down. This has avery graffic sex scene between two boys who are step-brothers. Don't ask where this came from and if its gross to you, well don't read on so :P :).

Anyway this is yaoi, M/M, shounan-ai (or however you spell it) and incest I guess. I'm warped, what can I say.

I was the typical goth, he was the typical jock and we typically hated each other and what the other stood for. He was the captain of the football team, student body president and all that bullshit. Me, I was the kid that wore black, eye makeup, painted my fingernails and smoked, but never did drugs, no matter what anyone thought and we typically hated each other.

My home life wasn't great, my mom had run out on my dad and I three years ago, my father and I were never close and she was the only thing that kept us communicating. When she left, the link was severed and he spent all of his time at the office and left me to my own devices, he gave me an allowance to keep me out of his hair.

So when my father asked me to go to dinner I was suspicious, I mean when in the last three years had we ever done anything together. Sighing out of guilt, I decided to go. He took me to a nicer restaurant and there I met a woman and to my surprise him. Captain Football, as my friends and I called him, himself. And at that dinner, he told me he was planning on marrying this woman and they would be moving in a week from that day this had come as a surprise, considering I didn't even know he was dating anyone and when I looked at Dean he was only somewhat less surprised. I found out later that he had known about their relationship but he didn't know about my dad being, well my dad.

A week was spent cleaning up the house; there were three bedrooms in our house, the master and two smaller bedrooms that were connected by a bathroom, Dean would be taking the other room that I had turned into my own entertainment room. After telling my father of what I thought of the whole idea, I went upstairs and proceeded to clean out the other bedroom. The next Friday they moved in, I spent the whole day out of the house with my friends sulking. When I got home I became more annoyed when I saw the slight differences the woman brought with her. The house had become practically my own, like I said before, my dad was never around and so the house was my fortress, until they moved in. I went up to my room, planning on spending time alone and opened the door and to my horror I found that another bed had been shoved into it and half of the room was now plastered with trophies and posters that I didn't recognize.

"Did I not tell you?" my father said when I confronted him about it. "Dean will be sharing your room until the wedding, its not right for me and Caroline to share the same room." I just stood there gaping at him before turning around and stomping upstairs but when I went to slam the door, I saw Dean sitting on his bed and I scowled.

"Get out of my room," I snarled.

"As I understand, this is my room too for the moment," he said not looking up. I stood glaring at him for several more moments before turning and storming into the bathroom.

"Asshole!" I snarled before slamming the door. Several minutes later I walked back out went to my radio and turned it on, blasting Linkin Park and flopped down on my bed.

"Do you mind?" Dean had to yell over the music.

"Not at all!" I called back and smirked when he glared. I saw him try to go back to reading before he slammed the book shut and stood up and stormed out of the room. 'Ha!' I thought, I won this round.

Things at school got worse too, Dean's group started hounding my group and in the middle of the next week, it escalated to a fist fight, my side won, thank you very much. Of course because we won, most of us got suspended, something that Dean liked to rub in my face whenever I saw him. We actually got into a fist fight over the whole thing and Dean went to live with his father until our parents got married, which was two months later, which was fine by me, I didn't have to see him other than school.

The wedding finally came and went and Dean moved back in but this time into the room that was separated from mine by the bathroom. Our parents went away for two weeks on their honeymoon and for the first week we avoided each other. On Monday of the second week I woke up late and realized that Dean was in the shower, but I had to get to school, track was starting and I was one of the best, not to brag. I didn't hate all sports, just most; track was something I could enjoy though. Pushing into the bathroom in my boxers I wiped the mirror off, the steam making it hard for me to see.

"I'm in here!" I heard Dean call.

"Yeah, and?" I called back.

"Josh!" he snapped and I grinned.

"Keep your panties on I'll be done in a minute." I watched through the mirror as a hand reached out and grabbed a towel and disappeared behind the curtain. The curtain moved back and I felt my breath hitch. He was one of the most beautiful people I'd ever seen.

"What the hell are you staring at?" he snapped and I tore my eyes away from his nicely toned body.

"Nothing princess," I said and laughed at the look I received from the nickname. He walked past me and pushed me into the counter. "Bastard," I snapped and I heard him laugh. I looked back at him through the mirror before he closed the door and I could have sworn he was staring at my ass. Now, I was bi, I'd had male and female lovers and though I preferred the males, I took it where I could and I knew that look he was sending my way. I smirked, this could be fun. I looked at my watch, cursed and ran back into my room and got dressed and threw my track stuff into my bag before running down the stairs and out to my car.

After practice I sat in the locker room in a towel, leaning against one of the lockers, towel drying my hair and smiled when the bell rang. I wouldn't be on time, I never was. Itwould take me at least ten minutes to do my makeup and get dressed. Not really but that was my excuse, plus my teachers were afraid of me enough not to make a scene. I stood up; toweling my hair dry and I looked up shocked when I heard the door open and I was even more shocked when Dean Farnsworth walked through and he stopped when he saw me.

"What are you doing here?" we both asked at the same time.

"I'm here for practice," I snapped. "Why are you here?"

"I have a free period," he snapped back and I watched his eyes roam over my body and I smirked, oh yeah, I knew that look. I started walking towards him and he made no move to back up.

"So you spend it in here?" I asked, my voice low as I got very close to him and I saw him swallow hard

"No, I came into get something," he said and I let the towel around my hips drop a bit and watched his eyes drop to my waist.

"Really, and what is that?"

"I came into get… get…" I smirked again and moved in closer. We were about the same height but I was about an inch shorter and I leaned in.

"What did you come to get?" I asked again and I was surprised he had not pulled away by now.

"I can't remember," he said and started to lean in a bit himself when we heard the door slam open again and we jumped away from each other and I pulled my towel up and turned, running the other towel over my hair again.

"What's going on in here?" Coach Anderson said looking between us.

"I'm just getting dressed," I said heading to the locker.

"Well you're late," he snapped and turned to look at Dean.

"I came in to get something," he stated lamely and I smiled.

"Well get out of here, I don't like students in here, there is no class and who knows what you might do," he said looking at us suspiciously.

"We weren't doing anything Coach," I said, turning and picking up my clothes and makeup.

"Good then, get out," he snapped and left.

"See you at home," Dean said awkwardly and left.

For the rest of the day, I couldn't stop smiling. I wanted to see how far I cold push this before he stopped me. And when I found out, I was going to tell everyone.

Through the rest of the week, the tension between us came to a boiling point. We had so many close calls, but something or someone always interrupted us. Finally on Friday night, our parents would be back on Sunday, I was in the shower when I heard the door open.

"I'm in here," I called out and got no response. I looked around the curtain and found Dean in his boxers holding a bottle of hair gel. My mind went to what we could do with the contents of that bottle and turned back to my shower but was distressed when I realized I was turned on so much it hurt. I thought about taking care of it but remembered that Dean was on the other side.

"Could you leave?" I called out.

"No," he called back and I held back a groan, my cock jumped and I bit my lip.

"Please?" I asked, my voice strained.

"What?" came the response, sounding very surprised.

"You heard me," I snapped.

"Why?" oh the question was asked so innocently, if only he knew… but then again, I wanted to see how far I could go.

"Never mind," I called out and reached out and grabbed a towel. Dean looked up when I stepped out of the shower and his eyes grew wide at my obvious hard on.

"Got a problem?"

"Yeah, do you want to take care of it?" I asked smirking and he stopped what he was doing to stare at me before returning to the task of playing with his hair. I smiled and walked up behind him, pressing myself against him.

"Are you sure?" I asked huskily. I felt his body stiffen and laughed and went to turn around when he spun and grabbed the back of my head and kissed me hard. I was shocked at first but when he pushed his tongue into my mouth, I moaned and pushed back against him and dropped the towel. He pulled back several moments later and leaned his forehead against mine, breathing hard.

"I've wanted to do that since last week," he said, his voice raspy.

"Really?" I asked surprised.

"Hell yes," he said and kissed me again. I pulled back and pushed him towards his room. Just before I left the bathroom I turned back and grabbed the hair gel, damn it I was going to get some tonight. I pushed him to the bed and stopped when his legs hit the edge and pulled at the hem of his boxers which he quickly dropped and I stared, I thought he was beautiful before… He was thicker than I was but I was longer and when I dropped to my knees and took him into my mouth I couldn't help but notice the sharp intake of breath. I had done this several times, and I knew that my tongue ring helped with the feeling. When he came in my mouth I swallowed it all and then stood, wiping my mouth and smirked at the look on his face and the fact that he looked like he was about to fall over. I pushed him down on the bed and climbed on top of him.

"If you want me to stop," I whispered, nibbling on his ear and I could feel him becoming hard again. "My your insatiable," I said chuckling.

"You have no idea, and no, I don't want you to stop," he said, arching into me. I pulled back and reached for the bottle of hair gel.

"Have you done this before?" I asked.

"No, I've only been with girls." Those words sent a thrill through me; I would be his first, and maybe his last, depending on how this went.

"Tell me to stop at any time," I said into his ear and he nodded. I opened the bottle and slicked my fingers and as gently as I could pushed the first one and stopped when he gasped. "Are you all right?"

"Yeah, just a new feeling, keep going." I nodded and proceeded to insert a second and then a third finger, stretching him. When I thought he was stretched enough, I slicked my cock up and placed it at his entrance.

"You're sure?" I asked again.

"Yes!" he cried and raised his hips and I almost laughed. I pressed in and stopped when he hissed in pain. "Damn it Josh, just do it!" I laughed then and I bent down and bit his ear as I pushed in in one large thrust of my hips. He cried out and I pulled back to look at him, his eyes were closed and I didn't move until he opened them and nodded. With that, I started thrusting in and out, trying to find his spot and when he cried out and then gasped I had to smile and I wrapped a hand around his cock and pumped in time with my thrusts. Dean let out a loud cry as he came, with me following seconds afterward. When I was done, I collapsed on top of him, breathing hard. I pulled out and lay next to him and he turned and threw an arm over my chest and a leg over my own legs.

"We should get up and clean up, we'll stick together," I said tiredly and all I got in response was a "hmming" sound and looked down to see Dean's eyes closed. I smiled and closed my own eyes.

"Josh," I heard and opened my eyes slightly to see Dean's eyes still closed. "This doesn't mean I like you," he said and snuggled closer. I laughed and kissed the top of his head.

"The feelings mutual Dean," I said before my eyes shut and I fell asleep.


Things didn't really change between me and Dean. We still avoided each other in school, talked bad about each other behind the others back. Nights were spent in each others arms, and the joint bathroom was well used. When football season started, and I went out to have a smoke in my usual spot on the bleachers, we would catch each others eyes and smile. But that didn't mean we liked each other.

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