Chapter 1!

It was Friday 13, when Mum told me we were staying in Motel 6 for the weekend. I was fine with that of course until we got there. It was a stormy night and Dad had just rang to say he would meet us at the motel. We left home at 7:00pm and arrived 10 minutes late. It was the kind of night 12 year old kids were afraid of; dark and gloomy with flashes of lightning here and there. It was pouring down hard! The motel was scary, because there were no lights on, and it was really old and looked as though it would collapse at any minute. We entered the Motel and went up to our rooms. They were next to each other, with a door that connected them. My Mum and Dad shared a room and I was by myself which I thought was cool, but soon I would find out that it wasn't so cool after all. I unpacked my things and started toward the closet to put my clothes away. Then I heard a noise! It was coming from across the room, in the bathroom. I thought I should check it out. The door was closed, which was obviously a bad sign! I slowly turned the knob and opened the door. It creaked open slowly until it could go no further and I saw what the room held: a hideous MONSTER!