Chapter 2!

I screamed as loud as I could! Mum and Dad ran in and as when I looked away from them, I saw the monster was gone. Mum cried, ''What is all the racket about Jessica? It's 10:00 at night!'' I realized they did not see the hideous monster in the bathroom. But come to think of it, maybe it was just my imagination once again. I decided I was right. I said good night to Mum and Dad and hopped in bed. They closed the bathroom door and turned off the light. I jumped in bed and went to sleep.

I woke up at 1 am when I heard some strange thumping noises coming from the room above me. Suddenly I remembered that was the attic. Oh-no! Even though I didn't want to, I knew I had to go up there and find out what was making those noises.

I crept out of bed and across the room to the door. I slowly turned the handle and walked outside my room. The long, narrow hallway led to the staircase that led to the attic. I walked up the dusty old stairs and entered the attic. I froze when I saw the monster I had seen earlier that night. He had long yellow fangs and was green all over except for his brown belly. He had huge pimples on his face. I saw him look at me and began to come towards me. I could smell his bad breath from a metre away. He towered over me.