Imagine walking into a classroom with all eyes on you. Imagine that classroom too be your prison cell for the next 9 months and those with their eyes on you, to be your torturers. Imagine being that girl in the corner all alone crying her eyes out. If you can imagine this, you'll probably know what I'm talking about, but for those who laughed at the lonely girl and criticised her every move please read on and you might begin to understand what you've done.

I walked into the classroom alone, like always. I didn't have any friends who cared about me, who actually understood what I was going through. This meant that everyone already in the room didn't give a damn about how I felt. I could already hear their voices ringing around me, taunting me with everything they could think of, every insult that their undeveloped minds could think of. Loser, fugly, freak. The words from yesterday still rang in my head.

-"There she is," smirked the beautiful blonde sitting at the back of the class. Another day, another chance to be someone's play toy. It'll keep them busy for today and probably tomorrow until they find something else.

With my head raised high, I walked slowly to my empty seat in the corner, far enough to minimise my contact with the others but close enough to be able to hear them. I slowly took out my black notebook from my full black bag.

-"Ooh, she's taking out the book!" laughed the blonde closest to me, pointing at it.

-"Be careful Jordan, don't get to close to the freak, you might get infected!" laughed the boy beside her. The room erupted with laughter. I lowered my head closer to the desk as I began to write.

I'm not the girl who's all alone

I'm not the girl who cries

I'm not the girl who tries to fit in

Who tells nothing but lies.

I'm not the girl who actually cares

What people think of her

I'll ignore the rumours and the lies

Nothing left to suffer.

Suddenly I felt the pages under my hands being pulled out from underneath me. With a sudden burst of speed, I reached up and grabbed it from whoever was trying to see it. I looked at the thief and shook my head bitterly. Standing beside my desk was Curt. His brown bangs were covering his eyes as he casually leaned against my desk.

-"What do you have to hide, freak?" he asked scornfully, "Nothing that you can't share with the rest of us, huh?"

-"Get lost." I muttered unhappily

-"What are you going to do about it, loser?"

I hid my book at the bottom of my bag and slowly stood up. I raised my fist. It was centimetres away from his face, when a loud angry voice rang out.

-"Karielle, you pathetic imbecile, what do you think you're doing?" After a few moments I lowered my fist uncertainly.

-Oh no, please no not her. I can't deal with this now. I thought nervously, Please not her.

Of course it was her, she was always there, hounding me, encouraging others to do the same. She was the witch, the devil herself. My jailer who made my life worse then it was already.

-"Karielle, get over here," I hesitated, unsure what she'd do if I didn't; "Now!" she roared.

-"Yes ma'am." I replied meekly as I picked up my school bag, making sure that my notebook was still tucked inside.

I followed her out of the classroom. She stooped suddenly and turned to face me.

"Go to the office you stupid child. It's one thing to threaten your fellow students, but to actually attempt to hurt them." I gave her a look. "Don't look at me like that, you little hooker!" I felt a sharp pain on the side of my head as her hand made contact with it. My legs collapsed from the pain as I fell to the ground. My eyes welled with tears.

-Don't cry, I thought bitterly, it will show her that she won.

Footsteps echoed down the hallway. They grew nearer and nearer. A pair of size 11 shoes came into view.

-"Mrs. Kennedy, what happened here?" Asked the owner of the shoes.

-"Oh Mr. Showlart, she just tripped over the stairs, like normally!" laughed my jailer Mrs. Kennedy.

Mr. Showlart chuckled and smiled.

-"You should take her to the office!" he said happy

"We're already on the way." She smiled fakely as she pulled me up harshly and dragged me down the stairs. When we were out of sight, she pushed me against the wall and whispered severely into my ear.

-"Don't even try to tell others what I did, they won't believe you."