Mr. Counselor Guy

I took a seat beside Mr. Wrought's door. Ms. Cleary watched me intently as I reached into my bag and pulled out my black book. When she didn't look away, I slowly raised my gaze till our eyes met, I noticed her flinch and lower your eyes. My eyes tend to have that effect on people. They had a sort of hypnotizing glare to them as the blue outlines slowly turned to black. I returned to my earlier task, my fingers returned to the routine process as I opened my book and turned to the first page. It had been so long since I had read the beginning, the last time I had even thought of these few pages had been months ago, but I dared not go back to them. The book in my hands was more then a mere notebook, or diary it was more like my heart and soul. For that's pretty much what I had put in it. My hands trembled as I straightened the first page and moved my arms into a comfortable position. And I read:

May 21, 2002

I waited by the door for my mom to come home from her date. My eyes drooped from lack of sleep. Staying up till 2am was not something I normally did when I was 12. The door opened sharply and in they walked, that's when I saw it…

The door beside me opened with a screech and Mr. Wrought's head popped out.

"Miss. Andrews, please come in." I followed his now turned back into the beige room. He delicately sat down in his leather chair as I followed suite into my own plastic one. His large hands crossed nervously over his desk as he began to talk:

"Now Miss. Andrews, Karielle, if I may call you that…?"

"No David, you may not, I believe we discussed this last week, I do not find it comfortable or appropriate, to have my name used in vain in these…. … difficult situations."

I could see my comment had angered him, it did every time. His fingers clenched till they turned white. I don't believe it took much, seeing as the large ring on his left index was three sizes to small. The ring, that's what I saw. There I was, the uninformed child just finding out now how serious there relationship was.

"Very well Miss. Andrews, would you like to tell me why you are here today?"

"Very well David, you see I was walking into class today, when out of nowhere a giant platypus…."

"Don't call me David," he said angrily, "and I would prefer that you tell me the truth so I don't have to go ask Mrs. Kennedy myself."

I stared at him bitterly until he called to Ms. Cleary over the intercom, "Send in, Jacob please." The sturdy wooden doors opened with another screech and in walked the most disgusting looking man in the world, well honestly he was pretty damn gorgeous but, I don't regularly admit that.

"Miss. Andrews, this is Mr. Labret, your new counselor,"

"Karielle, this is Meghan, your new stepsister." Said my mom happily as a beautiful blond girl walked out from behind them. She looked almost my total opposite, my pleasant black locks looked dull compared to her lustrous blond, her hazel eyes glittered with hidden anger while my blue one shone with confusion, her short and petit figure pulled off her skin tight jeans, while my tall, odd form could barely pull of my black sweats. She gingerly walked towards me and gave me a long hug, she whispered silently into my ear, "I hate you so much!" and so it began.

"Why hello there Jacob, and how are you today?" I asked in my sickly sweet voice

"Karielle," Mr. Wrought said warningly, "respect please!"

"But David, it's Miss. Andrews and I am being respectful!"

Jacob Labret looked from me to him, reproachfully. I could tell he was confused by my preference to my last name.

There is an explanation to that I swear! See my mother named me Karielle after her mother, and I dislike them both to a major extent, an Andrews, is my dads old last name. He died 5 years ago, exactly two years and two days before my mother's engagement. He was the only person, in the world I ever loved with the bottom of my heart and now he was gone.

Mr. Wrought gingerly motioned to the chair beside me which was just as luxuriate as mine. The man took a seat with a clump. I glanced at him quickly to add him up. I could guess and say he was about 20, standing at 6 foot 5. He had brown hair and emerald eyes, his nervousness appeared by his left hand fidgeting against the rim of his buttoned shirt. His age was the only thing that bothered me.

Mr. Wrought saw my confusion, and answered my unspoken question," Mr. Labret here, is a senior at Carlburg high and is practicing his psychology skills in a troubled environment."

Ah Carlburg high, our rival high school, this could make things interesting, I though gleefully as my thoughts brought me back to my own memories at that very school, it went from grade seven to grade twelve unlike my school, so there was more of a variety of students.

I walked happily down the bright halls; finally, I thought happily, I've finally escaped Meghan fortunately she went to Connaught high. My glee only turned to hate as I saw her and my parents walk into the office. I stood expectantly by the door listening

"We would like to remove Karielle from this dreadful school," said my mother angrily "These horrible kids have set a bad example for my little girl to follow, we are placing her in the experienced hands of Connaught high where she can excel without further problems." With that she turned and walked out followed by Meghan and her dad, her smile turned to a smirk when she saw my surprised face, she walked towards me and whispered gingerly "There no where to hide now" and walked away. My mom grabbed my arm as I exchanged confused looks with the secretary and dragged me to her car.

Even now I don't know what my "problems" were.

I sat rigidly in a new office, well actually it was more like an empty classroom, but I have the right to dream don't I? Well I guess not. I haven't earned that right yet, at least not by anyone else, that's why I am stuck in a stuffy classroom having a counseling session with an 18 year old ( yes I found out he was) who was to scared to talk to me.

"So…" I asked unsurely, "Are you going to help me with my 'problems'?" Ha-ha yeah I had to add some sarcasm to my sentence it would seem so incomplete without it.

Surprising enough this actually got a smile out of him. "Yes about this problem Miss. Umm what's your name?"

"Just call me Percy," I said monotonously, "it's a nicer name then Karielle and my dad picked it out." I was stunned that I had actually told him this the last time I had used that name was…

January 23, 2003

I started school at Connaught high today; I even made a new friend, her names Casey. She's kind of morbid but I like her, I didn't see Meghan all day until the end of the day, I knew she told people about me, so I changed my name to Percy so no one would know who I was. It was the name my dad was going to give me, but Karielle one in the end. I saw Meghan talking to Casey, but when I tried to walk away, she came up and told me not to bother trying to make friends, no one would like me. At least Casey would be there...

But she wasn't, the next day she didn't acknowledge me or even let me talk, Meghan said something to her, but what, I didn't know

"Well Percy, you're problem is very regular for high school girls, it's called teenage angst, and the only cure is for you to come to counseling every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Well actually just so I don't have to end up with one of these crazy over hormonal girls who lack the capacity to have problems." I was amazed Mr. Counselor Guy had said that all with a complete straight face. I was impressed

"Are you trying to seduce me?" I asked humorlessly

He laughed out, "That would be uncommon and unusual in my case so, I'll say no" Mr. Counselor Guy was still funny, I was still impressed

"How old are you Mr. Counselor Guy?" I asked

"Ah age; what a mere state of mind, I believe that I am 19 next Tuesday. And you can call me Jacob"

"You're so crazy Mr.….. Jacob… Nope sounds better as Mr. Counselor Guy."

He laughed deeply, "As are you Percy!"

And thus began a very unusual friendship.