She stands alone

Nothing to see but her hand holding nothing

Her body alone in the shadows of time

Nothing to say nothing to pray to

She stands and tries not to think back

But the thought of the future pull her body in to shock and horror her body tenses and her chest numbs and her stomach tightens

She moved food round her plate her eye down never watching

Only steers in the distance hoping for something to change something to …

Save her

Hollow feeling grows in her chest doubt fear guilt

It builds and she feels that she might cry

But she holds back

Once she starts she want stop

Her emotions will take over pulled her body

Her hiccupped breathes

Racing heart

Flicking images of the past feeling she had hidden will arise only to burn in her

Her fists will clench and she will pull her body in to a ball

Close her eye feel the cool tears that run down her face over her nose

She will lie on her side and feel like a shadow has over taken her

She feels like her heart is dieing

Frozen in her chest she feels this constant pain

She lays playing images over and rethinking why it was her fault

How she brought her self here

How she has never felt apart of anything

How if she stopped now that nothing around her will change

at this moment

She is and has always been alone

Like a thick blanket of tar it burn as it cover her body but then she lays numb

Almost not breathing

Sleep she will whisper to her tears that they will be gone by tomorrow

The night bring nothing but darkness

She will pull her jeans on and her top and wonder why she is bothering

Step out in to the cold air and feel nothing only a fogged emotion of nothing

I feel like this today she is I tomorrow has not come but I know what it will bring