I'm not much of a man; and as a lot of land my value would be little at best. I'd be far off from the caring cities; a petty, worthless piece of property owned by ever-present contempt and ferocity. I'd be fenced off by a hideous, decrepid wooden symbol of harder times long since past. Not even the blackest of birds would dare to stand and call into my desolate meadow of amarathine malevolence. All around there'd be forests which encourage their mindless inhabitants to lead artificially crucial lives; in an effort to draw more from the receding vines of interdependance which only empower the wealthy with larger roots tapped in sin. The statuesque trees standing seemingly graceful with nature teeming within believe themselves to be so superior until winter comes endless killing spring to reveal nature's truth. That false habitat of conformity is home to everything I was tricked to crave and born to despise. And for all the green I'd be yellow. Unkempt deviant grass, dry and rigid; ready to snap from the lightest touch of cruelty or become an endless inferno from the tiniest spark of ignorance. My ground would be disgusting, littered with lies and violence covered by the thickest layer of inpenetrable clay packed with regret as to hide the lost memories and shame buried deep beneath. You can scratch away some of the filthy topsoil but it would be too impure to view anything. To walk upon me, you'd know I was not level, the earth varying with each step. Inside me, discover the sight of dead branches on sickly plants combined with a revolting silence intermittantly disturbed by the crushing and breaking of my heart's dying foilage. For years I was untouched, left in decay and rot, yet flies strayed from me still. The sun laughed in the sky as it passed over me, casting down rays of hope that only scorched and robbed my earth of what little precious moisture was stored. But through luck you were lost and found your innocence treading on my terra firma demonica. You fell in love with harsh scenery and with one kiss bought the land forever.