Hush little baby and cover your ears

Lies from within will bring only tears

And this for you, to God I pray

Will prove your fathers disarray

I pledge allegiance to this prayer

Where devils linger and angels beware

Hush little baby, nothing's wrong

Nothing that is, that shouldn't belong

A caustic sound on swollen lips

Close your eyes now, here's mommy's twist

You know I've loved you from the start

Especially when you broke my heart

Over and over and over again

You play these games, when will they end?

Solemn skies and sober nights

Green grass and summer fights

Hush little baby, here's your end

Time to go now, for this will mend

Close your eyes and cry your loudest

This one last bullet is mommy's proudest

Redemption is sweet in the blood scented air

Hush little baby, now don't be scared

Don't forget me, you know I never cared