This Sort Of Business Takes Great Dedication To Bullshit

"Okay, you got it!"

"All right."



"You bet!"

"Yes sir!"

"I know."

"Yeah, I know!"

"I did already!"

"Thank you, have a great night!"

"Thanks so much! Have a good day!"

"Enjoy your meals, folks!"

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'll go fix that right away for you."

"So, it looks like rain again, eh!"

"I'm good, how are you!"

"I'm sorry, Sir, what did you order?"

"Oh really? Wow. That's Great! Really? Oh gosh!"

"Oh that's not a problem, I'll go make you another!"

"What's she doing? Why's she doing that? It's so annoying!"

"You … have a voice that I can't hear. I'm sorry."

"Um, I don't' think you did this right."

"Did you over-charge me?! When did the prices go up!"

"Why don't you have a credit card machine?!"

"I've definitely had better chicken fingers elsewhere."

"I would like to speak to the manager, please!"

"Um, there was like… a bug in my salad."

"Martini glasses go to the bar!"

"Reset table 7! Hurry! They're waiting!"

"Did you remember to tell them all the specials?"

"You'll get better tips if you just bullshit."

"We don't have cheese tortellini! What the hell is wrong with you?!"

"Can we fire the Party Room yet? What's taking so long?!"

"You've got to train another new bus girl, she's horrible."

"Did you hear who the bar tender is dating?!"

"Did you know that she's sleeping with one of the waiters?!"

"Oh my God, I heard they were caught in the walk-in box last Saturday!"

"I need you to get the dessert order for table 16, then make them and serve them."

"Martini glasses go to the bar!"

For fuck's sake! I know where the Martini glass go, dammit!