An Epiphany Of Sorts…

Your undeniable enchantment

is (unfortunately)

dulled with sorrow by the overcast -

a gloomy cloud of the awareness that you cannot, and you will not, be

(ALL)(entirely)(completely)(Wholly) .

In body is as far as we go because (you've made that much clear)

you said so and since i'm too weak (why can't I captivate you?)

to limit you to reach what I want (just a little more than everything)

i'll always be your tool, until...

-always … until the sky, my everlasting inspiration, evaporates into itself

weakening your empowerment over me as it crashes softly upon my fleshless bones,

cracking open above my eyes so that i may see

a painful enlightenment released and absorbed ... so that I might overcome

a false truth unjustly streaming through a reality indistinguishable from my own-

a mix with and of and in

all the colors i've never seen

here comes my final epiphany -

always, until the sky releases me...