"Pure Static"

The pain becomes a theme song

Allow it to wash over you

A repetitious cycle of water slamming down over the cement

As undecipherable as Flood Gate #3

After the few thousand times, any cognizance dissolves.

A sugar cube in a steaming mug of chai

The next time the door slams into your shoulder

Blemishing the white satin of your flesh

A tapestry of navy and violets expanding

Pass it by

Bite you lip

Don't dare to utter a sound

This isn't worthy of noise

On the following occasion

When your father stumbles forth in a drunken rage

Slurring of your plagued future

Marking the downfall of your existence

And the landslide of shame that you've collected

Let it pass you by

Turn around

Recall the quadratic formula

Put the two on the same page

There is nothing to raise your blood pressure

There is nothing to place you on the same plateau

As this angry, hurtful man

So you tune him out

Selective attention, they call it

He blends in with the vacuum

With the swirling snow flurries

His voice is just another sound of your childhood

Already, you begin to repress

Already, you wipe this completely blank

The next time that he breaks your heart

Whispering something as monotonous as "I'm sorry"

Slip away from it

Just another dew drop tumbling from a leaf

When you feel the world caving in

Step back and take perspective

For in the long run, it is nothing

The Egyptians…what do they care for what this boy said?

When you feel your heart snapping

A vase that the cat knocked off the table

Scattering into fragments across the carpet

Be comforted by the tiny smirk that flickers across your countenance.

Crying is not an option; it is inconceivable

Most importantly,

It is entirely unnecessary

This is just a series of whispers in the background

A gradual curve and crash of the waves

Following an identical cycle

The pale, unique snowflakes

Tumbling with such sophistication

Place the whole world on this level

Reel it in a little closer

And glance once more…

The whole world runs on a continuous loop

Forever tracing over its steps to create

Pure static.