There's someone else looking in

The same hatch through which you used to gaze

In this house of glass

Designed with back rooms hidden from public view

Everyone can swear that they know exactly what's happening

Everyone is certain that they know best

But just as a rock to the window would shatter the glass

Into ricocheting splinters…

These prying eyes witness no more than fragments:

Broken pictures and incomplete puzzles of my life.

A sweet lullaby

That no one else seems to hear

Oh, certainly, they chant the words over and over again

Convinced that the message must be as sweet as the tune

But just like the baby that falls when the cradle breaks…

These words will haunt her forever.

She needs to hear a new voice

Crooning the same tune.

Invincible and smooth

Just like the slick glass in the winter

Flaked with snow and frost

A deep breath mark

An ache in the small of her back

From the last time he pushed her back against the seat belt

Jarring her senses

Rethinking her options

And all of this in sunny California

Where we all want to escape

Singing softly to the ocean

As we inhale the sweet aroma of the

Poisonous oleander, white and oh-so pristine.

Each of us, standing on those high cliffs

Gazing out as the waves crash

Against the towering rocks

Throwing our fears out to the receding water

Casting out our hopes and dreams

Putting it all on the line

Crossing that final void to meet the one that cares the most

Opening yourself up to become scathed

Ripping you away from the one who broke you

The one who still matters most