I remember last night so clearly, yet I still wonder if it was a dream. What I remember the most was the rain. On a warm May evening it was the worst storm of the year. Thunder boomed every few minutes and the lightning was as bright as day. The rain fell from the sky as if a giant waterfall had been released on campus. There was no mercy from the storm but I didn't expect any. All I wanted was to go to bed and sleep for hours.

My roommate had left early yesterday since we always have Wednesdays off school. This left me alone once again. Corinne and I got along pretty well but there were times when I wanted to strangle her. She was a workaholic and dreamed of Stanford. There were nights when she would stay up until 2 just to correct every minute detail in a paper. She has a silent competition with the world and would not rest as second best. I on the other hand set my own standards and tried to beat my best.

It had been a long week with only 5 hours of sleep a night so after feeding my fish I went down to the hall monitor to tell her I was going to bed early. As I was walking back to my wing I looked out the glass doors at the rain. Even though the wind was blowing with no mercy, the storm still calmed me. My favorite nights are nights that I get to fall asleep to the sound of the rain. Yet something seemed out of place, as if it didn't belong here.

An unspoken call drew me out into the night. The rain stung my skin and the wind threatened to blow me off balance, but I kept walking. I made it a quarter mile from my dorm before I saw anything of significance. There, only 15 yards away, was a person lying in a puddle of mud and rain. He didn't move when I approached. Slowly, so as not to scare him, I moved him out of the puddle onto his back.

I had never seen anybody like him before. He was breath taking. Lazy black waves of hair framed his face and cut off just below his chin. His slightly tanned skin felt smooth under my touch. Sharp angels on his face enhanced his mysteriousness. He looked to be around six foot and 150 lbs. I couldn't find a single flaw in his outward appearance. He had toned muscles yet they weren't bulky. A small smirk etched itself on his full lips as to silently say he knew I was watching him.

As I was trying to figure out what to do he slowly opened his eyes, but only enough to see me. His eyes, good lord his eyes, they reminded me of a storm at sea. There were mixtures of green and blue with dark grey lining the edges. I could have stared into his eyes for hours. The eyes are my favorite feature of anybody and his made my heart stop.

"Help me, please." His voice came out in a hoarse but soft whisper that was almost swept away by the wind. I didn't know what to do. I knew I had to leave him in order to get help but he gripped my hand as if foretelling my movement. He was holding onto me as if I was all he had left. "Don't let me die, don't leave me." I nodded my head so he knew I wasn't going anywhere. I crossed my legs and rested his head on my lap. The storm ceased to exist; it was as if time had stopped. With one hand holding his my other tried to get his hair out of his eyes.

Out of nowhere a white light appeared. It took me a few moments to realize that the light was coming from our clasped hands. Or should I say my hands because the one that was touching his face was glowing as well. I could feel my energy draining and sensed it going into him. His face looked less fatigued and as my grip loosened his tightened. After a few moments my vision blurred and I couldn't hear anything.

As I started to collapse I felt him reach up and catch me. The last thing I saw before I completely blacked out was his eyes. They had so much emotion hidden in them but they were unreadable. I couldn't tell what lay behind them. "Thank you." His mouth formed those words as I slipped into darkness.

This morning I woke up in my bed, alone. At first I thought it had all been a wonderful dream but the details were too vivid in my mind. Leaving my bed I chalked up the thoughts to my wild imagination. But as I turned into my bathroom I noticed Corinne's bed, which had been neatly made before she left, had two indents in it as if someone had climbed on it to get out the window above her mattress. Also, the window was unlocked and when she leaves, I always close and lock both windows.