Just A Little More Love

Ever felt like the world is against you?
From the moment of my birth, it's been a sleeping volcano waiting to burst around me,
Born in a loveless marriage, nothing could be worse,
Except for so many miseries too many to name.

Yet a hate-filled marriage would rank high above them,
It is the worst situation for a middle-class birth,
Not too high, and not too low,
Save for a few things missing that left an empty hollow.

He shouts, and she rants,
And in between them, we're caught in a tug-of-war,
With nowhere to run, no place to hide,
To let our tears freely flow, and wash away the pain.

Sometimes I wonder if the world was meant to be so,
If we would be filled with hate and misery and sorrow,
It is times like this that you wonder what it would be like
To have just a little more love in the world.

Deprived, shut away and alone with no one,
We seek our happiness elsewhere, far away from home,
We find peers who share our thoughts,
And, if we're lucky enough, to share our lives and our souls.

The world was meant to be joyful and hopeful,
Not filled with dismay and malice and hurt,
If we work together I know we will have,
Just a little more love in the world.

He says, "Friends will never stay with you,
It will be your family who stands behind you in the end."
Yet we proved him wrong time and time again,
Showing that love knows no boundaries, and no ends.

Love is not dictated by blood ties or commands,
It simply lives, and flows between us,
And when it touches us, we know that there is no greater gift
Than just a little more love in the world.

Finis –