Throughout our childhood we are guided by adults. Many people have their parents while others have not. In order to sucessfully raise a child I feel there are three qualities needed in a parent or guardian. The first quality I feel a one must have is love. The second quality I feel a parent or guardian must have is communication. The third quality I feel a parent should have is dicipline. These are all qualities I feel are important in an effective parent or guardian.

Love is an important quality in an effective parent because in a loving relationship children feel more trusting towards their guardians. Love is a bond that is deeper than any physical or mental bonds. Love is a spiritual bond; and for children to share that sort of bond with their guardians brings affection, trust, and understanding. Love is very important quality in a realtionship and a guardian.

Communication is very important in a realtionship between a child and guardian. Without proper communication misundterstandings happen; thus creating unnecessary pain caused by such misunderstandings. Communication is important because without it one cannot be free with their words or actions because of bad communication of lack of communication. Communication is an important quality in an effective guardian because it brings understanding.

Dicipline is very important for a child to learn. Without dicipline many children have no self control and develope behavorial problems. Behavioral problems often lead to drugs, self abuse, and many other obstacles that get into the way of a child's future. Disicpline helps develop a child's people skills, and often opens children's minds to new things because they have a chance to learn and listen. Dicipline is a very imporant factor in a child's life and it is important that guardians dicipline their children correctly.

Parenthood and guardianship is a very difficult task for many people, but one must keep in mind three important qualities that make an effective guardian. An effective guardian must show the child that they will love them uncondtionally. A guardian must be able to effectivly communicate with their child in order to understand their child. A child must be diciplined reasonably by their guardian in order for a guardian to be effective. These are all qualities I feel are important in an effect parent or guardian.