Title: Koibito no Ryu

Author: paws-bells

Genre: Romance/Fantasy/Humor

Word Count: 141

Type: Multi-Chapter (Complete)

Rating: M (Contains content suitable for mature teens and older i.e. explicit adult themes, violence, bad words, etc)

Summary: Sarea McKinley is a uni-undergrad in the modern world. She also happens to be a Dragon's Life Mate. Not just to any Dragon mind you, but to the most stubborn, rude, overbearing Dragon that she had ever encountered, not that she had ever encountered any in her entire life until now. Tentei Ryuhara fell into her life literally and then expects her to drop everything she was doing to follow him back to his world just because he happens to be the Crown Prince there. Naturally, Sarea is not happy about it, not that she had any choice in that matter if his meddling family has any say in it. She is fiercely independent whereas he was raised with the knowledge that nothing would be denied to him. It will be a very interesting battle royale ahead.

A/N: I have been toying with this 'Dragons and Life Mates' idea for such a long time that I don't even remember when this started anymore. In fact I have begun writing this fic a few months ago to 'test' it out, and it actually flowed quite well. No thoughts about it, I choose this to be my first fic. All comments are welcome, as usual.

Chapter Last Revised on: 25/08/07

Of all the legends that had been passed down the generations of Dragonkind, there is one epic tale that is the most famous and oft regaled in all its splendor and glory. It is about an unexpected union between Dragon and human, about how love can tame even the wildest beast, and how anything can happen as long as one believes in it.

Of course, the Dragonic historians have oft protested against the validity of this tale; that it is nothing but gross exaggeration, the story itself been embellished more and more with each telling, but what is real and what is not, we will never know.

But what we do know is the story itself, and like all great legends, this one started with a once upon a timeā€¦

Remember, anything can happen as long as one believes in it.