I watched a bird
As it flew to me
Singing a sweet song
As it stretched its wings

I took it in
And cared for it
As much as I could
Or understand at the time

But the bird was too young
To stay along with me
So it flew away
Leaving me

And so I remained
Alone without song
Recalling the notes
Of what I had heard

I would often think
I heard the song again
But dismissed such things
Of a paranoid mind

But one day I heard
A song somewhat similar
Though shrouded in fear
Crying out for aid

A wolf on the prowl
With teeth of metal
Ruthless and cunning
Attacking the bird

I swooped her up
Sending the wolf away
And resumed to care for her
As I once imagined I would again

I heard my song again
And it brightened my days
Finally back to contentment
With my precious songbird

When I awoke, she was gone
Nowhere to be found
I could not hear her
So I walked outside

As I stepped through the door
I saw the song manifest
Not into music
But into a web

The bird was an illusion
Created by my mind
All that was there
Was a spider

A fine silk web, spun for me
And I willingly walked in
And the spider came down
And filled me with venom

As I lay gasping for breath
I saw my fears displayed
The bird, now spider
Walked away with the wolf