On a sunny day, I was leaving work. Fear, Doubt, and Paranoia were riding along with me. I knew what I had to do, or at least what I thought I should do. I just wanted it to be resolved. This bullshit had kept me from bowling with the crew too many times. Fear would team up with Doubt, and try to convince me to remain complacent. It worked for a while, but Fear and Paranoia hung out together alot, and Paranoia just loves to contradict anything anyone says.

I guess this really started the day before. If you want to get specific, even longer than that, but the fast-pace action Hollywood-resolve nonsense started the day before. After a few phone calls, and not getting a hold of anyone I wanted to talk to, They started showing up. They had been in the background whispering for quite some time, but now They had decided to vocalize their convictions. Impatience made them bold.

The first to step up was Fear. Seems odd that the man who tries to hold you back is the first one to speak up. Fear had been talking to Logic by the sounds of His speech, as it carried a sensible argument shaded by Fear's own agenda. At first He started going into His usual rant, saying that she was going to leave me and everything was doomed. But He quickly realized that speech was tired, and used Logic's tips. He started going on about how if she did leave, she'd wait until after prom. After she was done with me. Fear thought I should just ride it out, enjoy what I could.

So the first words had been uttered, the first shot in the war. The others quickly followed suit. Doubt started going on about why she would leave, and Paranoia just took everything that was said and elaborated on it. Eventually with so many voices, I could only hear static. I was surprised to see Anger standing against the wall, not saying a thing. Just looking at me, like He knew something.

Sleep came easy, despite the droning of the voices. I didn't dream, but I rarely do anymore. Probably for the best, I don't need any more worlds to contend with. I woke up before any of the Others. I got out of bed to get a shower, when I saw Anger was already up as well. He was still in the same spot, looking the same way. I asked him what was up, but He just said "You'll see."

Work was thankfully hectic, gave me something else to concentrate on. I went out to lunch with a co-worker. He had just gotten a new car with a sun roof, and being that the weather finally started turning decent, he opened it up. I looked up at the sun and said "Beautiful day for a break up, huh?" He just looked at me strangely, a look I'm used to getting.

After work, I drove over to her house. I asked her to come outside to talk. I don't remember what I said, or what she said for that matter. I just saw the sky darken. No clouds, just an unnatural darkness. Everything that retained a color took on a reddish tint. I noticed she had stopped talking, and my unconscious motions had ceased, I hugged her out of courtesy and left. I had no idea what just happened, I just knew it was over. I kept listening to "Powerless" the whole way back. Kind of melodramatic, but it felt right.

The Others were in the car, silent at first. They came to the realization of what happened faster than I did. Fear and Doubt understood it as that she left me for another guy. Paranoia told me who the guy was. Logic told me why.

Once the truth had set in with everyone, They started screaming. I couldn't understand any of Them, just noise in my head. But with knowing the full truth of what happened, there was no more room for an argument. With that realization, Logic faded away. Now that the events had passed, Doubt also held no place in my head. As I drove over the bridge I have constantly thought of driving off of, Fear knew He held no favor right now. Paranoia didn't have anyone else to bolster or tear down, and passed on.

I got home and saw Anger standing at the door. The father of all emotions waiting for me. He still didn't speak a word, but somehow I heard Him, heard His thoughts. Things became so much clearer, and I understood my place. I understood what transpired, and had definitive feelings on those events. After seeing digital confirmation, and feeling a distorted Bb shake my core, the darkness became clear. As my fists met my wall, I saw the blood that reminded me of the reddish tint of everything. I turned around to see Anger, as he nodded, knowing that I now understood. I should have listened to my Father.