My eyes are shaky
Trying to vibrate
To the rhythm that the earth
Is crumbling around me
So I just might see straight

I start to shiver
Unnerving frigid winds
That could just be
All in my head
I'd be so warm if you held me

Little crimes
Committed against the one
I want to go with
Make my getaway with
My constant victim

It's the time between
Night and day
It's the time that I'm between
Anger and sadness
And the gap between us

My words with you are short
A contrast to my long days
I just left this place
Just to want to leave again
I'd leave with you and never stop

Things get to be too much
And unanswered phones don't help
Just know that I do care
And I'm not always mad at you
Please turn your phone back on.

and come hold me...