Right now I am a sophomore attending high school that completely sucks. Not in any advanced classes not good at anything academic. Not planning to go to a University after high school I'll proceed straight to community college. Never made good grades maybe because I have always despised school. School seems pointless I am taking English 10 and Business Tech and Art 1 plus Geometry.

Business Tech is a class that I take that is part of my pointless life and I hate everything about the class. The teacher I can't understand why you would waste your time going to college to become a teacher first of all then. Secondly why would you want to teach kids knowledge about Microsoft programs and PowerPoint which most students with commonsense can teach themselves. And it's pointless if your in regular classes because you won't be writing essays.

Art 1 I simply hate the class its made me despites drawing which I enjoyed once. My teacher talks like she should be teaching a AP English class. She insults students pointlessly. Insults you from watches everything you do waiting for a mistake that if you sit right in front of her. Gives horrible advice. Unfortunately I was a victim of her pointless conciliating her ideas with herself. If that makes any sence.

English 10 the whole class is a rambunctious dump yard that doesn't take anything seriously. The beginning of the semester we concentrated on graduation exam gramma that we had study for the last 3 years of middle school and elementary school. Most of the time half the class failed the sixty to hundred questions test. practically had to reteach everything we are suppose to have already know I never paided attention. We have vocabulary test that I never studied for than 15 minutes that the teacher give us before we took the test. No matter if I make all A on vocabulary test which I have done my average never changes from a D to a C.

Then Geometry during first semester I never bothered paying attention with the lesson or the homework .Doesn't matter if I actually understand the lesson .Somehow I always manage to fail the test because I am always screwing up making simple mistake.

Conclusion of my sophomore year of high school waste of time. Waste of time that should explain the jest of things .I have always been a screw up and always will be .Sometime I wish people would notice that least intelligent in the school like me. Besides always recoginizing the kids that no doubt they will be complete Stars of their generation. Someone got to live the leftover lives to live and the burdened having to deal with that shit isn't fun folks.

That's about the way I feel.