Once Tanny went to Aberdown
To buy herself a horse
When she arrived in Aberdown
She went to find a loarse
But though she went through Aberdown
And cried her voice near hoarse
When Tanny did leave Aberdown
She left on foot of course

Once Mikel went to Aberdown
To make himself a name
When he arrived in Aberdown
He set out to find fame
He wandered round in Aberdown
With every day the same
And so when he left Aberdown
Mikel was close to lame

Once Adine went to Aberdown
To find herself a mate
When she arrived in Aberdown
She would not sit and wait
She traveled throughout Aberdown
But always came too late
And so when she left Aberdown
She did not hold with fate

Once many went to Aberdown
To seek dreams in that town
When they arrived in Aberdown
They searched it up and down
And so when they left Aberdown
They paused to look around
And asked "Have any ever found
Their dream in Aberdown?"