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~~~ Acts of Betrayal ~~~

Lady Devontaé's violet eyes were blazing in a crimson fury. She had been betrayed, betrayed by one of her own blood! Her brother Sir Devontaé stood opposite from her, grinning with his crooked smile at her through iron bars. She glowered at him, a low growl escaping through her lips.
Sir Devontaé had labled her a traitor in front of the Tolamus Knights- who were devoted to the causes of good- that she was a traitor, following the ways of the evil Goddess Talakeet. He had said she was now serving the Goddess, giving Talakeet her body and soul. The Tolamus Knights trusting Sir Devontaé, believed his accusations agianst his sister. Branding Lady Devontaé a spy(they believed this because she was working for Goddess that she was acting as a spy to return to Talakeet with information on the Tolamus' Knight's fortifications), they concluded that the only way to save the Knighthood was to be rid of her. They were going to murder her and let the gods settle this dispute out. In reality Tethnar was the traitor, Lady Devontaé knew it, but she could not prove it to the Knights. Who most likely would not believe her since Sir Devontaé was always so well behaved and making them believe that he was devoted to good causes.
It was time, Lady Devontaé could hear the Knights armor clashing together as they approached her cell. She lowered her head, her fiery red hair tumbled off her shoulders, no tear came to her soft violet eyes. The Knights unlocked her cage and Lady Devontaé stood up. They put her hands in shackles and they led her down the dungeon corridor.

"You have been kick out of the Knighthood, you are no longer a Knight therefore you do not go by the a Knight's title, Sayden." The Knight revealed respectfully, but Sayden caught a bit of remorse in his voice.

Sayden held her head high and she said nothing. The Knights led her up to the courtyard, a storm raged above them, making Sayden's hair whip about her beautiful expressionless face. The courtyard was open to the sky, and was surrounded by the rest of the well fortified Keep. She walked on smooth marble, she could feel the coolness of the stone seeping through her thin leather boots. She approached the Highlord without fear, the Highlord was on a small platform that was just inches off the ground. Behind the platform was a great fountain, it was turned off now in the presence of a 'traitor'. All was silent, torches flickered and spat in the rain. Somehow Sayden was the only one untouched by the rain, her hair whipped around her and her clothes were completely dry. Through his helmet the Highlord looked calmly at Sayden, she did not blink nor squeeze her eyes shut. The Highlord took Sayden's sword that was laying beside him on a small red clothed table. It was great shame to be killed by your own sword. The Highlord raised the sword into a deadly arc above her head, then he swung in a swift downward motion. There was a loud clang as the sword hit an invisible barrier that had appearedaround Sayden at the last moment, it clattered to the ground harmlessly at her feet.

"She is magi!" a burly Knight called out horrified.

There was a flash of bright lights, it almost looke like Kalann, God of good was standing before Sayden. He undid her shackles and gently moved her out of the way. There was a loud roar, everyone turned to see Sir Devontaé running towards Sayden like a madman . Kalann stopped Sir Devontaé a step away from Sayden, he snapped the shackles onto Sir Devontaé

" Tethnar Devontaé is your traitor! He is the spy for Talakeet, Sayden Devontaé is not!" Kalann roared.

Kalann picked up the Highlord's sword, and with a flick of his wrist he lopped off Tethnar's head. Another blinding light. Kalann was gone. Tethnar's headless corpse stood infron ot the Highlord. Sayden had her glorious revenge, she had shown the Tolamus knights that she was no traitor.

~~~ Chapter 1: New Beginnings ~~~

Lady Devontaé sat in her chamber, light flickered from the fire that was lit in the hearth. Shadows danced around the room and played across her delicate features. The letter she held in her hands fell from her trembling grasp, it drifted lightly to the floor below the cushioned chair. Her violet eyes went wide, her face paled. Tears began to rolls in great heaps down her cheeks and into her lap, she buried her head in her hands. Long red hair spilled over her shoulders and covered her face, her shoulders shuddered and her gasps became heavy sobs. A knock came from the door, a young servant girl with long brown hair and green eyes stepped into the room without waiting to gain entrance from Lady Devontaé. Lady Devontaé looked up, her eyes were red her cheeks puffy and wet.

"Sorry milady, but more news has come from your father's castle." The young servant girl dipped into a slight bow.

Lady Devontaé wipped her eyes with her hankerchief and ran a weary hand through her long locks of silky red hair. "What is the news?" she asked with a shaky voice.

"The funeral for your mother will be within a fortnight. Preparation for your journey to Castle Devontaé are being readed for you as we speak. You will leave at sunrise."

Lady Devontaé nodded and the servant girl left the room. Lady Devontaé let out a suddering sigh and turned her gaze back to the fire. She sat there for long moments unmoving, finally she got to her feet and began to pack some of her belongings into her packs. She dumped them by the door and went to sit back in the large red cushioned chair that stood in front of the fire. Sir Vengdance came to get Lady Devontaé at dawn, he entwined his arm in her's and together they went down to the entrance of Hemlin Keep where a carrage was waiting for the long trip to Castle Devontaé. Sir Vendgance was an old Knight, his hair was now white and his skin was beginning to crease around his eyes and mouth. His face was weathered and held scars from battle, one scar ran down along his left cheek bone to his nose, his hazel eyes still shone with brightfull youth. Sir Vengdance helped Lady Devontaé inside the carrage, his bronze armor clacking together softly. Once inside the carrage Lady Devontaé embraced Sir Telvek her companion and escort, who was already in the carrage waiting for her. Sir Vengdance bade his goodbyes and shut the carrage door, a whip cracked though the air and the horses began pulling the carrage away from Hemlin Keep. Sir Telvek turned and grinned at her, black bangs covered his eyes and reached his nose his sapphire blue eyes were specked with gold the outside of the iris were brimmed with aqua.

"How do you fair, Sayden?" Sir Telvek asked putting his hands between hers.

Lady Devontaé nodded," Better Carian. I am deeply troubled over my mother's death. Now there is only my father, and my elder brothers Arvon and Meltain."

"Two deaths in the family in one years is unfortunate. Your mother's was of a natural cause. But Tethnar was not, it was a mistake on his part."

Lady Devontaé nodded grimly. She remembered that horrible night when he had died at the hands of the good God Kalann. She still had nightmares about it, they haunted her dreams every night forcing her to lose sleep.

Sir Telvek drapped a comforting arm around her shoulders, "It will be alright." He assured softly whispering into her ear.

Lady Devontaé nodded and rested her head on his armored shoulder. Lady Devontaé fell into a light sleep, she was too restless and the ride was too bumpy for one to fall fully asleep. Finally the carrage stopped and Lady Devontaé was able to stretch her legs. They had stopped in the small town called Tulyuna, Lady Devontaé was helped from the carrage by Sir Telvek. A warm spring breeze carressed her soft skin and sent rivlets through her fiery mane. She sighed inwardly, a little more at peace with herself than before. She was not in her usual Knight attire, instead she had on tight deerskin trousers and a tunic. Sir Telvek draped his arm over Lady Devontaé's shoulder agian. Lady Devontaé looked up her violet eyes sparkled at Sir Telvek's handsome face, he smiled down at her.

"Isn't it better to be out of that stuffy carrage and breathe some fresh air?"

"Always" Lady Devontaé turned her head from Sir Telvek and walked into the small town.

People bustled through the town and into shops, but no one seemed in much of a hury. At the end of the main road lay a small stone keep on a hill giving it full view of the town below. The sides of the road were lined with merchant shops and stands, behind the shops villager's houses lay and eventually thinned out after five small houses.

"That helmet of yours, it needs the hands of a metalsmith does it not?" Sir Telvek asked

Lady Devontaé nodded, "Just need the big dent worked out of it."

Sir Telvek called for the servant boy. The servant boy came running up with a wide grin plastered on his face and the brass helmet in his hands. Sir Telvek took it and led Lady Devontaé to the town's metalsmith. They walked into the small stifling shop, they could hear the metal smith pounding away in the back room. Sir Telvek went to the counter and began looking at the metalsmith's miracles. Lady Devontaé walked around the shop examining the metalsmith's work, wonderfully made Tolamus armor of all sorts hung on the walls. Fine swords and knives were locked in small velvet cases on stands surounding the shop. A wooden bench was near a doorway that led to the hearth and the metalsmith's work shop, the counter was located right across from it. Lady Devontaé stopped at a black velvet case, beautifully crafted gauntlets were underneath the glass and sitting comfortably on the velvet cusions. They were bronze made especially for the Tolamus Knights, it looked like scales from a real dragon had been molded onto it.

"I noticed that your eyes linger hungerly on those gauntles." A harsh yet friendly voice said behind her.

Lady Devontaé whirled around and nearly bumped into a short pudgy man, sweat glistened on his brow, sweat ran from his neck down to the color of his tunic. His tunic clung to him and it was filthy, his brown intelligent eyes stared at her intently. He raised a hand and wipped his bald head with a dirty once-white cloth.

Lady Devontaé nodded," Yes, I have they are a beautifully crafted peice of armor."

The metalsmith brought a hand to his chin, he stood their stroking it deep in thought.

"Twenty gold pieces for your helmet to be mended and those gauntlets for free." The metalsmith said at last.

"I hardly think-" Sir Telvek started

"Deal, twenty gold pieces for my helmet to be mended and those gauntles for free." Lady Devontaé inturupted, she stuck out her hand the metalsmith did likewise and they shook sealing the deal.

"Thankyou Lady Knight, and Sir Knight." The metalsmith bowed.

"Lady Devontaé and Sir Telvek,' Sir Telvek corrected.

"Guthar Deldington."

Sir Telvek gave Guthar Lady Devontaé's helmet. He took her arm and led her from the Guthar's shop as she was passing the gauntlets her eyes still lingered on them hungerly. When she stepped back outside she was blasted by the warm breeze peppered with spices. Sun bathed and warmed her skin as she followed Sir Telvek and the servant down the village to the Spririt's Inn. They stepped inside, it was fairly empty, empty chairs and tables were scattered about the room. A fire licked the top of the hearth and danced with the shadows. They bought two rooms from the innkeeper, a small thin man, and went to their rooms to rest for the rest of the journey to Castle Devontaé.

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