Emerald Eyes

Boy, come to me, my emerald eyes.
See this place, this paradise.
It is for us.
The grass is greening and growing.
Looking down, I see your emerald eyes,
In every blade, every leaf, every pool.
It is a reflection of you.
I am at peace here.
Warm air folds around me,
Like your arms.
The wind strokes my hair,
Like your hands.
There is but one thing missing,
For you are not truly here, my emerald eyes.
Spring pauses in her patient step to wait for you.
Why can't I be this patient?
For, like Spring, I wait for you.
How can you live in that hectic world of stone?
Come join me in the placid world of soil and growing things.
Here is where things matter, where the root is.
Who cares to help more, the businessman or the woodsman?
Who knows?
There are things of the concrete world that tempt me back, but…
They are empty.
I know, wherever I go, my soul is here.
Won't you join me, other soul?
Emerald eyes
Come to a world where you own nothing, yet everything.
My dearest, I know…
How hard…
It is…
To let…
Shall I come and get you?