By 'Shenaenae 86'

Dear Diary,

Hi, I'm Faith Beers. I'm twenty years old, and exactly 10 years ago, I was…well, created. Instead of being born with the maturity level of an infant, I was created, and had the maturity (physically, mentally, socially, etc.) of a ten year old. It's complicated, I know, but there's more than the fact that I was created at the age of 10. The reason I was created was because my sister felt that she needed a sister. Life was tough for her, not having another girl to talk to. You see, Ma died when she was eight years old. Two years after Ma's death, Kelly found out the 'family secret'. Mom was a witch – a good one, though. Since magic is hereditary, that meant that Kelly and her brother, Kevin, had powers, also. Kelly kept it to herself, and started practicing witchcraft to become more powerful. After finding a spell book in the basement, she decided she was ready to test her powers. She found a spell to create a sibling. She cast the spell, chose the gender, age, and hair color, and all of a sudden, Kevin and Kelly had another sibling – me! Since Kelly created me, it's sort of like she's my mom and my sister. Remember, magic is hereditary, so I have powers, too. It was our little secret. We told Kevin and Dad that I was just a friend of Kelly's, and that's why I was over so much. They aren't stupid, though. They realized that something was wrong when Kelly's 'friend' spent all day at their house, and slept over. A week after my creation, Dad asked me what was really going on. I told him the same story we told him in the beginning, that I was just a friend. They just assumed I had no family, or if I did, that they had serious problems. Our secret was safe – until, that is, when Kevin found out about my powers.

He saw me materialize a bowl of ice cream, so we had no choice. We had to tell him. We told him the whole story, and made him swear not to tell Dad. He agreed, and practiced witchcraft with us for awhile, but eventually, Kevin got tired of it. He wanted to help the innocent, using our powers. It was a good idea at first. We'd be super heroes! Once we decided to put our plan into action, though, that's when we realized that the odds of two twelve-year-olds and a fourteen-year-old saving the world? Not good if you ask me. We tried it anyway, for a few days. Kevin's knowledge of vampires and demons grew rapidly for some reason, and that was pretty much what saved our butts every time we fought a demon or a vampire. Dad never paid attention to us (he was passed out from drinking most of the time), so every night, from 9pm to 11pm, we went through the same path, fighting off evil. For a few days, nothing happened, but eventually, something did.

We were walking, and all of a sudden, I tripped. I went to see was I tripped over, and it was a vampire's foot. Kelly and I started screaming. Kevin was the only one that was calm enough to stake the vampire, using a branch from a tree. We all hugged each other, pretending that we ALL did a good job, not just Kevin. Every single time we patrolled, we kicked some major demon and vampire ass! Life was great…except when Kelly lost all of her powers.

She lost them when a demon named Bante (BON – TAY) kidnapped her, and then stole her powers. Kev and I did a spell to track her down and bring her back. The only problem was that Bante still had her powers! The only way to get her powers back was to find the Sword of Demontis (Deh – MONT – iss), and behead Bante. Keep in mind, Kelly and I were 14, and Kevin was only 16! Kevin, being the strongest, bravest, and oldest, volunteered to battle him, but only if Kelly and I swore not to use our powers ever again, unless not using them would result in a death. We had school and other things to worry about, and we didn't need to worry about demons and magic, so we agreed. Kevin battled Bante, kicked his demonic ass, and gave Kelly her powers back. Everything was back to normal, until that is, when Mark came.

Whenever a witch loses her powers or dies, someone else gets power, and in a way, replaces them. Even though Kelly's powers were brought back to her eventually, Mark replaced her. He turned evil, though, and wanted our powers. Mark knew what our powers were, and we knew we trusted him, since we didn't know he was evil. He told us about a person that was possessed by a demon, but the demon wasn't evil. The demon, named Hunter, possessed people, and when they die, the demon just possesses someone else. Hunter is extremely strong, but it only attacks when its scared, or if the person intends for it to come out. When it attacks, an arm comes out of its stomach and guts the victim like a fish. Mark said that we should kill the demon, just incase it gets scared. Kelly and I agreed, but Kevin hated Mark for some reason, and refused to come along. Mark told us about a premonition he had of Hunter being by this weird tree with a red circle on it. We used to always pass it when we patrolled, so we knew where to go. Mark brought stink bombs to throw at it. The plan was that he'd throw the stink bombs as soon as he saw anyone, just incase they were the one that's possessed. Once Hunter got scared and came out, we'd kill it. After a few minutes of waiting, Kevin showed up. He said he was sorry for being mean to Mark, and Mark accepted the apology. We all hugged, and then suddenly, a hand came out of Kevin's stomach, killing Mark.