Dear Diary,

Hey, it's me again, Faith. Last time I wrote to you, I left off at when my brother – who was possessed by Hunter, killed Mark. Now, I'll tell you what happened follow Mark's death.

It was obvious that my sweet, charming older brother was possessed by the Hunter demon. The demon isn't evil, but it can become extremely violent. Kelly and I remembered a spell that could unleash the demon, but we also remembered the promise we made to Kevin. We live in a prettt quiet town, so the chances of Kevin allowing Hunter to come out or Hunter getting scared, are slim to none. Plus, there's this rule with good witches and promises. If a witch breaks a promise, our powers will become weaker, or they may even be taken away, so even if we did the spell, it might not work. We were screwed…

Then suddenly, Kelly had an idea. If we scare Kevin (making Hunter 'come out and play', and quickly say the spell, the Hunter demon would be separated from Kevin, and all three of us could kill it. We just had to decide when and where to do it. I told Kelly that if I met Kev alone at the Site (or nickname for the place where Kevin first killed the vampire), it would bring back memories, calming him down. Then, Kelly would come out of nowhere, and scare Kevin, which would unleash Hunter. Kelly would say the spell quickly, and then we'd kick its ass! One problem, though. How the frig do you kill this thing?

I looked it up, and found that to destroy the Hunter, you needed to Sword of Demontis and the Hunter's Blade. We already had the sword since Kevin kept it, so all we had to do was get the blade, which can only be found in the Warrior's Realm. The Hunter's Blade couldn't be moved magically, so instead of simply making it materialize here, we had to go head it. We told Kev that we were going to visit Julie, a friend of mine. He believed it, and went upstairs. Within five minutes, we were in the Warrior's Realm. Witches go to the Warrior's Realm to battle for more power. We were only there to get the Hunter's Blade. We found a witch, Sasha, that said she had the blade, but we could only obtain it by battling her. So, that's what we did – whooped her Wiccan ass. It took 10 etunims (1 etunim is equal to 20 minutes on Earth) for us to win, but all that mattered was that we won, and we could have the damn blade. Well, we should've, anyway, but it turns out that the bitch didn't even have it! She knew who did, though. The old man's name was Cota (it means 'Original Fighter' in some archaic language). We told him what happened, and he said instead of a fight, he wants money – but not dollars. He wanted it in his currency, which was rallods. We exchanged twenty dollars for five-hundred rallods, and paid him. Not only did the man give it to us, but he also showed us how to use it. That man was so sweet! I mean if he was just a few hundred years younger, he'd be – never mind. That's not the point. The point is that we had it, and we knew how to use it.

Dear Kelly and Faith,

Hey guys, it's Kevin. I can't go on like this anymore. I'm possessed by a demon, and the only way to kill it is to combine the Hunter's Blade with the Sword of Demontis, and behead the demon. I'm off to another realm to get the blade. I won't tell you which one, because knowing you, you might come, and try to help. I don't want you guys in danger. Stay at the house, okay? I love you!


After teleporting home, we tried to find Kevin at the house. He wasn't there. We checked the Site, and found a note that said:

Kelly and I went to the Warrior's Realm to tell Kevin that we already had the blade, but he wasn't there. He wasn't there. We went back home. He wasn't there. We went to Julie's house. He wasn't there. We had no idea where Kevin was, which meant it could already be too late. Hunter could've had struck again.

We did a spell to track Kevin down. It turns out, Kevin was at the library, studying demons that possess people. He told us that if the demon feels unsafe, it can move to another body. We disregarded his comment, because we figured if the demon left, then he would've felt it. After that, we brought him to the Site.

He told us to give him the blade, and that he would say the spell (not us), unleash the Hunter, and then kill it. After arguing for a few minutes, he agreed to let us at least watch to make sure everything was okay. So, he cast the spell, but the demon didn't come out of him. IT CAME OUT OF ME!