Four seasons

Gift-wrapped gold rings fire calmly

Ancient wisdom new day lost

Slithering snakes amuse didactic

Tenderness protects the tot

Dogged ponies inner beauty

Peanut buttered toast unclad

Old young worlds encase fantastic

Western space enthralls the lad

Indoor outdoor dolly ponies

Cooties cover city grills

Beaming color hiding torture

Divinity claims the girl

Salty sweet tomato jelly

Flavored relish fine-tuned lint

Vengeful pride assisting leisure

Silken bumpy suits the gent

Truthful lies expanded being

Honing inner fem fatale

Pushing pulled out hairy glasses

Savory pins entrance the gal

Happy painful thoughts and feeling

Morbid life proclaiming mold

Mistress time forever young

God's karma cradles the old