Black Mask

By Sapphirefly

There's a city set against a setting sun

The outline of the skyscrapers fades as the city lights flick on

As the sun sinks behind the buildings

I wake up

I'm not a night creature by nature

It's just my favourite pleasure to use the night as my sparring ground

Although I'm not your enemy tonight

I'll meet you

I wear a black mask over my eyes

It's added adventure for me to keep my face a secret until the last second

I haven't met you formally

So I'll wait

You're the sort of woman I've seen

Hang upside down in your loft just to let the blood rush to your head

Pop pink bubblegum at strangers

You tease me

Maybe it's your playful eyes

Or the way you walk when you know everyone is watching you

It's your style that draws me to you
You're too good

I'm the kind of guy you follow

Because I caught your arm when you tripped coming out of the tunnels

You saw my black mask and couldn't resist

Our eyes met

Chasing me all the way to the pit

It's smoky and the air is filled with something to let you know it was a mistake

Coming here and watching me fight

You were interested

Your eyes were wide as you warned me

You didn't think I stood a chance against the giant guy who stood opposite me

I was too slender, my hands too white

I'll show you

His blood splattered into the third row

But that was only the beginning for me since I'm not even warm yet

You don't know how tough I am

You'll see it

By the fourth brawl I'm ready to go

I thought you would have run home or passed out on the floor by now

But you relaxed and you cheered for me

I heard you

I've got a cut above my eyebrow

I ignore the sting and the pain in my jaw and asked you if I could take you home

Still, I wear the black mask

It's my name

My wet hair falls over the material

You're exceptionally conversational as we leave and head out the back doors

I was wrong about you

You had fun

I think only that you're beautiful

And how I want to blow your mind apart with the exact colour of my eyes

I haven't decided that path yet

Will you wait?

I'll watch you tonight

You're the type of woman who eats ice cream directly from the tub

Who sits on the countertop and talks about me

And how I kissed you