Her sanity first then her life most dear

She drew her head up to clear blue skies

I stood high above, her passing was clear

The prowler looked on with malignant eyes

I watch her as she dies

Her fate was sealed with a hallow blow

From an obtruding blade of colossal size

My pain was more than she'd ever know

Too late to redeem her, too late to rise

I watch her as she dies

Espying her body stabbed at my soul

Her death was the end of a thread of lies

My own guilty conscience rented me whole

Scalding tears melted my firm disguise

I watch her as she dies

Her face still bore that zealous grin

As the pain ate at me longer still

And with the living lay her severed ties

Entombed abutting my matchless sin

And as the sun shrank lower behind the hill

I found to love her was most unwise

And I learned through barbs that I'd never win

I'd drop to my death if her smile could kill

She gladly embraced her sudden demise

Hence I couldn't help but watch as she dies

I watched her as she dies

I watched her as she died