I ache for this in the very bones of me

Every muscle, every tendon
Pulsates with a dull roar that screams for what's ahead

This skin
Crawls with want
Of the torrent beads of sweat to express and break the pores

Internally, I feel and hear every red heartbeat
Every contraction of the stillborn muscle
Every drop of blood that pounds through my veins
Diluted bass drum or diluted grandstand

My teeth grind and my fingernails clench into my palms
Eroding the days until the explosion and the jump

A haggard gasp for air in the midst of the taper

My digits dance
Itching to grasp, to pull

It has become sharp and animal
This want
This need to push and pull and swing and glide and resonate


My monotone mantra echoes through my head
Locks thudding with the locks and the blood and the still born muscle
With the digits and the twitching tendons
With the grinding teeth
The haggard gasps for air

I ache for this

In the very bones of me