Summary:Yogalessons can turn out to be more relaxing and fun than you think. Just take it from Abby.

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Yoga is Bliss

Abby couldn't help but massage her thigh as they straightened up after slightly crouching and meditating for so long. Se needed to get more exercise done otherwise there would be more needed massages to comes, as the Yoga lessons proceeded.

"Everyone, now, we're going to have to lie down in order to the next one. Spread out, please, arms distance at least."

Abby walked to the side and sat down with her feet facing the wall, not wanting anyone peering up her skirt and give the satisfaction to any or would-be pervert. She lay herself down, making sure that her skirt was smoothed out and not revealing more than necessary.

"Hurry up, everyone, please. I want to..."

Abby began examining the familiar room whilst waiting for further instructions. She turned her head to the side to see a girl propping herself down, getting ready for meditation. Abby turned her head to the other side. She could see the back of a boy's head. A very pretty head at that. With light brown hair and a handful of gold streaks. She wondered what his face was like, probably had green dreamy eyes or even chocolate brown.

As if on cue, the said head turned around. They were blue. A warm blue. Not a cold, steely blue. Abby continued to stare back at him, and him back at her. His face was...beautiful and sweet to say the least. It was plain, nothing interesting, but it was still beautiful.

Abby could feel herself blushing as she realised that he had caught her staring at him. He smiled- one that complemented his face instead of protest against it. She smiled back at him, sparks flying through the pit of her stomach.

"Okay, has everyone taken their places? Good. Close your eyes."

He continued smiling at her before turning onto his back and closing his eyes, she doing the same.

"...and pretend your diaphragm is a balloon that inflates when you inhale and deflates when you exhale."

Abby had closed her eyes, but her thoughts and concentration were with that boy and that smile. She sighed contently to herself. Yoga was bliss.