Harlequin: This is the first in a one-shot series…yes, like Strawberry Lubricant it will be one shots of different pairings but not all yaoi. The first is a hetero pairing but yaoi and yuri will soon follow. And please keep in mind, just because it's one sided "love", that doesn't mean there will not be mature situations. And the title came to mind before I heard the song but she gets credit for inspiration.

Up in the Attic-

At the Tea Party: Spyder/Harlequin

Stories being told: Mature acts performed in front of a minor

Sing a little song: Walking into Spider Webs by No Doubt

Truer words were never spoken: "I'm not trying to be someone I'm not; I'm trying to be someone you want."-I came up with the words; I just can't remember who I had say them. Keep that in mind.

-Just for the record: This is FICTIONAL. If it really happened, do you think, I, would have access to such information? Hell no. No one would even think of giving me a glance. So no, this isn't real. If you are offended by what is to happen…please go. I hate being told not to write what I don't know… And the characters/settings/plot/etc. are mine. Amazing isn't it?-

Walking into Spyders' Web

He wasn't cruel like all the tabloids said, he was just trying to live like the rest of the world. He saved me after all, Madison and I, from the man who took me from my bed and wanted to use me. He ripped the man away and pulled him into a black pit between two brick walls and quieted him down by whispering words and attaching his mouth to the mans throat like a vampire before ripping a hole into the soft flesh and retrieving a jugular that pulsed violently.

It was a pretty picture. Black and white with red all over.

He came from the cold shadows with nothing but rags and chains. He didn't look insane like they said; he had ebony hair that was in need of a wash and comb, and a dirty face that was in need of a shave, and clothes that were in need of a really good tailor. But he didn't look insane, not when I looked into his eyes.


They were incredibly bright amongst the darkness as they shone through. He wiped the blood from his face, smearing it over dirt caked skin and black hair. He put his red hands in the white snow which was soon as red as a poppy. He lifted Madison off the ground and admired her it seemed, turning her over and over in his hands careful not to touch the clothes or hair. Sirens were soon heard and he looked at me holding out dear, sweet, Madison.

"Here," he told me in a raspy voice. "Take it now or you're not getting it back."

Of course I retrieve her before he turns down the alley and slips into his man-made pit of chaos. I noticed as I grabbed her though, his hands were dry, red, and bleeding. They were big (but don't compare this information to the fact I was only seven years of age) yet there was something so gentle about them. I let my own brush his just slightly, feeling the coarse accessory, and a shiver ran through out my body. As cruel as he seemed there was a gentle side none of the others noticed though I knew it was there.

Lost in my thoughts of this he almost vanished. I could hear his bare feet gripping the chain-linked fence as he crawled over, looking like a spider in a web. I couldn't help but want to be trapped in that web with him, not caring what may happen while I was with him. I just wanted to be by his side.

I looked down at Madison and saw the faintest trace of blood on her face. It was his blood. Not the vital juice of the depraved beast he slain before my eyes. I could see the difference in it; his was a thick, deep red, and still warm. I licked it away from Madison's face tasting his life supply. It was sweet with a tangy aftertaste. I knew after adding his life force to my own I was now to follow him until death parted our worlds, but I was okay with that, as long as he'd be there.

And I still feel that way, even after seven years. I'm fourteen now of course though I still look the same. My body has budded in areas I can't bring myself to mention but besides that I still have the same blonde curls, blue eyes, lips still sewn together by the same black thread. My clothes have changed a bit though, Spyder did not approve of the "rags the old wenches threw you in".

Being that he's adorned me much like my name, Harlequin, my outfits of no surprise consists of light material easily moved in with bright colors and abstract patterns. The only use I get of my style is money from passerby's who take me for a street performer.

I don't like the attention I get so I keep close to his side, my hand in his holding tightly. He doesn't mind this, never has as far as I can recall. He just squeezes back to assure me and we carry on. As long as I keep up and don't anger him, he'll let me do whatever I please though holding his hand is the only thing I ask.

I know I won't get anything more; I don't even bother to ask for I fear he'll leave me. He has only once asked me what I wanted. It wasn't too long after I was on the run with him getting as far from the country as we possibly could. We were in the middle of a busy street of a town he had recently committed sin in. He was barely recognizable to the people though. He was no longer the psycho with a frantic appearance. Quite on the contrary, he was dressed in common-folk clothing (as he referred to it) with a clean shaven face and wash, trimmed hair which still fell upon his shoulders in a choppy fashion. His eyes were quite narrow and amber still. They were even brighter against a clean, pale face.

We were especially noticed now with his attractive appearance. Many women came to him swaying their full hips I at one time wished I had, batting their long lashes I once envied, and pressing their full bosom I only dreamed I could grow but one by one he would let them down and say he already had a lady in his life.

Of course they looked at me. Dressed like a doll with angelic curls and heavenly blue eyes. Ah yes, the child. The one who looked much like an angel dressed like a clown but once I stepped out for them to see disgust would wash over their faces.

Lips sewn together by black thread, they would never part further than the cord would let them. They were permanently red and cracked, always aching. I would turn away from their stares only to cause them to gasp when they saw the long 'crack' that ran from my hairline to my chin, over my eye which was nearly blind. It wasn't a crack but a scar that was colored black from ink. And every time he would clutch my hand and lead me away with a polite smile to the filth he'd take me away after informing them once again that he already had a lady in his life.

"So how is the lady in my life?" he asked. I of course being the man I grew to know him as was referring to Madison. I never replied. "She looks well, doesn't she?" he'd ask but again, I said nothing. "It's time to get something to eat, child."

I would always nod and follow him into the exquisite restaurant most suitable for his taste that evening where he'd find a man or young hooker to pay for the meal in exchange for sex. They would exchange names (though his was never real) eat and converse while I sat alone with Madison in a dimly lit corner away from the eyes and eat the little things I could. When the time would come he'd either tell me where to wait or take me along. Tonight was a tag-along occasion as I grabbed Madison and followed him out.

The men would often look at me though I never paid mine to them. They would lower their voices as if I could not hear their questions and he'd let them know I was only a traveling companion and nothing more. He'd inform them of my vocal cords that were severed and assure them there was nothing to worry about. He'd apply it to his seducing techniques and we'd find ourselves at their homes or a motel where I'd either wait in the lobby or spare room though on this particular evening I was to be in the room.

It's not like I wasn't aware of what took place when he'd wander off or what it looked like, so I was never embarrassed or ashamed of watching them in the act. I'd never look at the victims either; I'd rather watch him instead. He'd have them call him by his tabloid name, telling them he'd like to fulfill their fantasy of being with Spyder which they gladly accepted, and relentlessly have his way with them before killing them.

I watched Spyder arch his back as the man called his name before they nestled into the mattress. Spyder excused himself as he always would before the kill. It gave him time to dress and retrieve his tools and would give the other men time to rest themselves. He left the room with the thought he'd left the man tired and satisfied but this gentleman seemed to be insatiable. He didn't even see if Spyder had left the room before getting from the bed and making his way towards me.

"Come on, lets play a game shall we?" he looked back to the bathroom door. "When he returns he can join in the fun," he smiled and touched my knee, his hand making its way up my leg. "Don't be shy Doll," he said in a soft voice.

I only watched. I was familiar with this 'game' but again I could not move. I could not open my mouth to attempt a scream. I was paralyzed on the spot, I couldn't even shake. I saw a flash and looked up to see amber burning in the dark as they burned into the back of Mr. Richards head before a body formed around the orbs and a knife appeared before coming down into Mr. Richards skull. It cracked as blood poured out and his body slumped forward leaving a chunk of cranium and a part of his brain on the blade.

"Are you okay?" he asked kneeling down. I could hear the leather of his pants as he crouched down on top of the body. "He didn't hurt you did he?"

No, he didn't touch Madison. She's okay. Hair and clothes and make-up still how you left them with me. I, on the other hand, felt his hand caressing my thigh and witnessed his sex become aroused but I'm okay…physically.

I don't respond of course. How was I? Neither of us knew sign language and I had nothing to write on, and I wouldn't-no-couldn't speak. I hated my voice; it was so harsh and raspy from the partly severed vocal cords. Instead I held Madison up to show she was in fine condition.

"No, are YOU okay?" he asked in a stern voice. "Did he touch YOU?"

I was so surprised I opened my mouth to talk but ended up hurting myself as the cords allow only a small bit of space. I grabbed my face as tears pricked my eyes and blood filled my mouth. It was tangy, metallic, bitter, and thick. It was disgusting. I wished to wash the taste out but no such luck.

Then he asked me, asked me what I wanted, giving me a choice. "Do you want me to cut it out?" You rest you hand on my cheek, your thumb being painted by my life source.

Then what? I asked myself. What use would that do me? Sure I could open my mouth a bit more but I'd never feel your lips on mine, not like the corpse of the floor did, or the many bodies to come. I know you'll never ask again, you'll never remove them in the future; you'll never touch my face like you have done now. What should I say then…?

I shook my head and wiped away the tears. No. They can stay. Nothing will change once they're gone. The stares would stop just to be replaced by the stares that would question the new scars. I would still open it as far as I'm used to. It won't change your feelings for me. They can stay.

Once again lost in my thoughts I almost lose him. I can hear the familiar sound of sirens and whistles. I look up as I grab Madison a little bit tighter and see the amber eyes watching me. He gives my hand a little squeeze and begins to pull.

"It's not us," he says. Us, he's never said it like that before, but I won't show my surprise. He watches as a young man catches his eye, smiling in a way as if he knew of Spyder's many secrets. He had blue-black hair it seemed and icy eyes and a smile that looked much like that of a stalker. Spyder seemed intrigued by this particular young man. "It's time to get something to eat, child."

Another victim will walk into the Spyder's web it seems. But I'm okay with that. As long as I get to be by his side I'll be just fine. Hell, I'll start attracting his prey just so he can hold my hand.

Walking into Spyders' Web

Harlequin: Okay…it didn't turn out as I'd hoped but Ilike it just the same. This has nothing to do with the real story that will be posted in the future; it's just to show the one-sided relationship between the characters. Yes, the first was a hetero pair the next, who knows? Please just leave feed-back and a couple you'd like to see if you have one. Thanks.