Would you still love me?

You are everything that you're supposed to be
So I guess at this point its okay to blame me
I am blind so don't want you not to see
But if you could I wonder, would you still love me?
If I was only part the person I pretend to be
If I quit the act and just played on as plain old me
Would you still love me?

There are a million places out there I haven't been
There are a lot of sins you've sinned I haven't sinned
Sometimes I think what If I could do it all again
Maybe that would bring an all-new end
With lots of roses and diamond rings
And fountains that would start to sing
At the sight of all my beauty, that would fade
Cause it never lasts unless you're beautiful anyway

So with a smile and handshake to
I forget that I ever knew you
And attempt to pretend to not remember your name
But only because it would bring pain
And I wonder someplace deep deep down
If I ever loved what we had found
Cause the memories just seemed so far away
That it all just seemed like some old game we'd played

So after years have passed away
And there's nothing left of those old days
I think back to your childish amber face
And all the jokes you thought were so funny
And then I turn to my lover now
Who's age screaming pretty loud
But either way I know that he still loves me
Would you still love me?

Now that age has hit my face
With strong compliance to eliminate
Though the marks are only those of hopeful smiles
That remind me that I've been smiling for a while
Now that I've lost my chin, wit and guile
And I'm so much more now than just an innocent child
Would you still love me?