She whispers to me,
"Do not give up hope."

Whether you love
your life
and you wish to live
Or whether you want
to die
and leave this
pathetic world.

Just remember,
for every person who laughs
at you
and for every person that
ignores you when you speak,
there is someone there
for you who
loves you
and all you have to do is
open your eyes and

Though you may be plagued
by hate and suffering
and you have fury and
pain inside of you,
remember that there is
someone out there that wants
you to live.

Under all the pain and illness
and horrible things that people
do to one another, there is one crucial
thing that everyone has.

She whispers to me
"Do not give up hope."

I grip it tightly with my hand.

A/N: Because everyone has hope. Even when they don't know it.