My Ballerina of the sky

You dance across the floor
My ballerina evermore
Though never like before
Every step new to explore
And the colors dance their wild
Running mile after mile
Turning smile after smile

Your each step is destiny
And I wish it could be me
Me the dance the voice that sings
So you destiny would be me
I'd be your ocean and your sea
For you to sail with limber feet
Into vast stories of the deep
Where the watchers weary weep

I'd be the sun while you played moon
Just to watch your diving swoon
Cross the stage into my room
Beauty rapped in silk cocoon
Soon you'll be my butterfly
Floating higher and then higher
My angelic graceful flyer

In then night when down to ground
From the heavens far from sound
Our hearts swirl from all around
Like the gives of evening gowns
Beauty never empties pain
Though tomorrow you'll dance again
For tonight your feet that spin
Will release a tepid whim

Every night your hearts a ploy
For this weak and wandering boy
Seeking love for to exploit
Through your face's grace and joy
If our one mind could solemnly think
On the edge of palisade and brink
We'd slowly sip our final drink

Our wine that wastes away the time
And passes by me blind oh blind
To anything but your catching eye
My ballerina of the sky?
You soar above me evermore
And never lose your fighting score
Our love is simple un-ignored
Destiny for those implored