Around the nearby garden
Beneath the stars and moonlight
Our lacy dresses lie together
Like flowers wilted in the dew

With ruffles here and laces there
And ribbons all around
We lie like flowers in the grass
And wait for the dew to come

Beneath the lovely cherry tree
Laden with silken flowers
Lies our sister Dante
With her dress like blackened dust

She waits for love, she waits for hope
Under that cherry tree
She waits for something unexplained
But sprung from the ground at her feet

Beside her sits our sister Violet
Weaving flowers in her hands
A bunch of roses here
And a sprig of violets there

Her dress a lovely purple
Her hair like midnight's blood
She waits for tomorrow's light
And she waits for tomorrow's love

Basking in the silken moonlight
With her golden locks all around
Lies our sister Gemma
Concealing her dress's flaws

She looks for something in the stars
That she knows cannot be found
She searches the heavens for something
That she feels must be found

A velvet breeze floats through the tree
Bringing with it the dew
Maybe this is what we need
To make our lives anew

We are the weeping flowers
Wilted in the dew
We are the broken hearts
Waiting for something new

We silently cry our tears
Deep inside ourselves
While sitting in this dying garden
Like wilted flowers in the dew