A faery girl among the wood,
Clad in earth-brown cloak and hood,

One day happened upon a field

Where a human boy played with his father's shield

She stared at him, her eyes were wide.

As he spotted her, she ran to hide,

And he ran home to tell one and all

Of the wondrous sight that he had saw.

The Church's priest warned him against

Venturing beyond the village fence.

"The Fey are dangerous," he said.

"If they find you, you'll be left for dead."

Forbid to return, the girl also was,

In her Mother's words, "Because

You must stay here among your folk,

Safe in the forest with elm and oak.

Humans fear what they do not know,

And if into their world you go,

You will surely experience much pain and fear.

Little One, you must remain here."

But both children returned, their curiosity flared.

Soon, friends the children had become,

All summer they played under the sun.

When by the boy's parents they were discovered,

The girl's face by her hood was covered.

Said the parents "You've found a friend!"

But their joy was soon to end,

For a strong wind blew her hood away,

Exposing her face, undoubtedly Fey.

In fear, she ran back to the wood,

And the boy's parents took him home for good.

Hate is something children don't know,

They've no prejudices of which to have to let go.

The adults of the world could take a lesson or two

From those who still have some growing to do.