The mountains we meet along the way

Are merely barriers that we must sway

To follow through to meet our dream

We must cross the rocky beam

Never fear that you will fall

I'll be here to catch you all

Stand up tall and be so strong

Never fear that you are wrong

Many mistakes will no doubt be made

But there is no doubt that they will all fade

Inspiration rises as everything clears

Stop all the sorrow, wipe all the tears

We have one and only this chance

So don't just walk by without a glance

Take everything in and find a way out

And know everything there is to know about

Dreams must be followed, they must be found

They must be persued, and finally bound

So push aside the worrying matter

And overcome the little barrier

Let it go, don't let it show

Get rid of the problems that overflow

Meet your dream, make it right

Rule your life with all your might