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One of a Kind


Chapter One: Oh the Terror


I'm stronger than the most, because I'm pure. You can't change me, I will not let you. The rush of warmth in my body; revealing itself when I'm alone. I don't wanna loose it; I wanna be the keeper of it. I'm not the owner of a weakness; I live without a shattered heart which is torn apart by the cause of emotions. I'm strong, because I'm independent, alone. No one understands it, they are not able to. They are weak, too weak to understand it, know it. They'll always be controlled by their emotions. To me they're weak, to them I'm weak; but I don't care…Yet I maybe sound strange to them, but they sound strange to me… I'm managing my darkest urges like I had sworn back then. I'm not afraid of them, yet they are afraid of me. Though fire shaped me to what I am, I'm haunting the shadows. Driven by the hard pounding in my chest, I hear the prayers from worthless humans. The flames in me are frozen, yet I'm alive. Burning from the inside. Dying is my destiny.


Blood dribbled from the blade as the cold metallic steel was pulled from the demon's chest. The dark haired girl's nose wrinkled in disgust. She paused regarding the dead body of the once blood driven demon. She sighed. It had once been an innocent mortal. No mortal deserved to be a restless spirit drifting in Hell.

She placed a hand on its head. "остальные в мире, немногая одно..." She muttered slowly, as a ball of light formed in her open palm. It shined on the demon till at last it glowed a golden light. It slowly began to change, the greenish black skin slowly beginning to sink away. Minutes later a silver wolf laid, silent and angelic, forever the same. It would rest in peace forever in the heavens. (Translation: Rest in peace, little one…).

The girl's eyes softened. Her eyes shined and the gold that circled the inner pupil seemed to glow. She forced back the overflowing emotions and closed her eyes. As she opened her eyes they flashed a merciless auburn red again. She raised her hand and the blood flowed off the sword. She smiled grimly and it transformed itself into a small ruby colored cross, which was tipped with silver and black jewels, which fell evenly cross her neck and settled under her deep purple shirt.

She walked forward to a clearing where clear crystal water stood motionlessly. She looked at it cautiously and leaned down. She sniffed. It wasn't intoxicated. But no water like this would be laying around like that. She hesitantly touched the tip of her tongue to the water.

She bit back a scream as pain coursed through her. She shook her head as the burn on her tongue healed quickly. She snarled as the reminiscences of the pain came back.

"Damn. Purified water. Holy water..."

She backed away and sat on the sand watching the water, which reflected her form perfectly. A light mark of her arm glowed having touched angel blessed waters. The other dark mark circling her other wrist was dark as she was standing on demon grounds. She shook her head.

"No wonder they say these woods are haunted. The demons are guarding this lake from the angels." She smirked leaning back on one arm against a solid rock. "So the demon lords aren't stupid. Too bad mortals don't have enough sense to vaporize the waters... They can't even tell the difference between regular water and this stuff..." She smirked again, closing her dead like eyes.

She pulled her sword out, it once again transforming, dipping it into the water. She watched as the water burned away the remaining blood. She pulled it back and it was shinning perfectly in the dim light, like a star. It was once again sharp and deadly despite the months of constant use.

She sighed and stood up. Her eyes narrowed at a small circular piece of land in the middle of the lake. She mused on that. She backed up and took a leap, using inhuman strength to gracefully land on the small island of earth. She cautiously waited.

A haunting voice, in an ancient tongue was singing, surrounded her.

She gritted her teeth. The sounds were beginning to become painful. She pulled her sword out of the sheath, bracing herself. A vortex surrounded her, making it impossible for her to escape. "I'm not an enemy…"

"Are you sure?" A sword came out of no where. The water splattered on her arm and once again she bit back a scream. She blocked it and twirled around on her little platform of land. She nearly lost her balance but gained it quickly. She gripped her own sword tighter.

"Damn, gotta be careful," she hissed through clenched teeth. She knew if she fell in the water, she'd be instantly burned to her death. She had seen a fellow that had fallen and his screams still filled her head every time she saw the water, reminding her of its power. "No, that you can never be sure of. Tides can change and one second to the next could change a friend to foe."

"Well said."

The water vortex calmed and the water settled back into the clear pool. The girl sighed in relief. She still gripped her sword as if only death could take it from her. She noticed odd reflections in the water and in a startled fashion looked up.

Six angels floated, cross-legged. They looked at her curiously, as if debating. They had the advantage. She was surrounded. There were six of them, yet she was faster, more flexible, stronger, and her senses were sharper. But still no angel was ever untrained. These immortals would be her end if they saw fit.

"But you are not what you seem, my dear…" came the voice in return from the eldest angel.

"But you see my soul, am I your enemy?"

"My girl, your true soul has long since died. Little remains of it. You may never be whole again," said the next angel, the wings of the graceful angel drifting along its sides in a defensive position. Its face though was calm.

"But am I to be feared?"

"You were once gentle and I see you go by your morals. You want to know something. We'll tell you what you want if you do something for us."

She considered it. Angels didn't lie and these weren't demons in an angel's skin. That was for sure, they had come out of the holy water. She looked back up and nodded. "All right. I agree to your terms."

"Are you sure my dear? So certain of yourself, but split through the middle…. Just as your loyalties lie. Divided," said the angel right in front of her, the one that had first spoke.

She ignored the angel. "I want to know what happened to the angels. The only ones left are you and the ones in Adritin," she said looking each in the eye. "Akatras's coming was disaster to both Adritin and Nazdirith," she said, wondering obviously if this was the cause. Her eyes disclosed no emotion.

"You know of him?" said the voice again, weary sounding and tired. The one to her left had spoken. This angel had seen many months and summers. He would not live many more.

"I knew him," she replied shortly, sitting down on patch of land that was the color of ice. She sat cross-legged and a wind whipped up, blowing her hair everywhere. A lengthy white scar was visible on her shoulder. "He was the one that killed my cousin but died from a mortal wound my father gave him. He brought along that witch that taints our world now, creating these ruthless demons from mortals."

The girl waited for an answer.

"They are alive but barely. They have all fled to the bottom depths of this world where only the strongest survive or they hide in the Glacis Mountains to the west."

She nodded at the eldest one's words.

One angel floated down and stood before her.

A female angel. The golden wings floated around her, the feathers glowing.

"You are friends with Adritin as you are with Nazdirith," it said. "We're trapped here, unable to go anywhere. These demons forbid us to leave. We're the only ones left that can live in the pure water. But we never can leave."

The girl stared her in the eye. Still no emotion filled them and it filled the young angel with unease. The angel's eyes yet were bright with hope. "There are only about 20 of us left, lady." Her gaze saddened. "Most of us were killed by the demons. Others like me just barely survive, occasionally eating food that drops into our depths or one of us will go to the world above to get more. Most don't come back." She sighed and looked at her hands.

The girl looked to the angels. "What do you want me to do?"

The eldest angel came forward with a small fox like creature with ancient markings in his hands. "He was cursed. He was once our finest warrior. He's been like this for years. A sacred fox. Cursed by that demon witch. Take him to the heart of Adritin. There he can be cured of his curse. But never come back here. We won't be here much longer. We will soon go to the depths of the world. If he wants to see us again. Tell him that," he said. "We put him under a sleep spell for right now. He needs to go, but he is too loyal. He will go with you."

The female angel that had spoken earlier touched her arm. "Please. He will know we sent you if you take these. Take the beads and wear them for us," she said, slipping a necklace with three golden beads at the center around her graceful neck.

The girl's eyes bored into the angel's, reading her like an open book. "He is your brother... I will do what I can." She dipped her head and took the fox, for the moment tucking him under one arm.

She twirled around as she heard a rustling nearby. She hissed in annoyance, her sword reappearing. "Go, the demons know you're out of the pool."

"Thank you lady."

They were gone.

Just like that.

She took a leap in the direction of the approaching demons. Instantly she realized she wouldn't make this jump, despite her inhuman powers, because of the extra weight she was carrying. She gripped her sword and magically tied it to her wrist. With that she threw it at the dearest demon, catching at ride. From there fire arrows killed the twenty some demons approaching. She could do nothing for them. Their spirits would die in the demon world, alone and forever tainted. They fell into the holy water and died instantly if they weren't already dead, burning to nothingness.

Halfway there she realized that she still didn't have enough speed to make it, despite her defiance to the gravity here. She cursed herself.

She closed her eyes and muttered the ancient words. Wings blasted through her back. Black feathers were dashed with a large amount of gold feathers. She landed safely on the other side of the pool, again in demon territory. She cursed again as the black and gold wings retracted into her back. She panted. She had only a few times before had to do that.

She weakly summoned a small amount of magic and food dropped into the lake. As it did this it vanished.

A small breeze surrounded the area telling her that they had received her gift to the angels. She closed her eyes and sighed. Long day ahead of her.

Blood trickled down her back, though it was healing quickly. Suddenly she looked up. More demons. Her senses weren't as accurate since she had just switched from angel to demon realms and the unleashing of her wings had built too much power within her. They smelled the power. They smelled the blood. They wanted it.

She was too stiff from the power to react as they lunged toward her. She was too stiff to summon her sword which had transformed back into the cross around her next. She couldn't summon her magic or she'd blow up the entire area. She couldn't.

Her knees began to buckle. She waited for the pain. As an immortal, she would never quite die but her spirit would haunt the woods forever with the demons.

She waited. The blow never came.

She weakly opened her eyes. She caught her breath as unyielding auburn clashed with deadly amethyst.


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